Thursday, October 05, 2006


Had to use some Black Eyed Peas therapy on the way in to work today to get my blood moving. It's incredibly hard to sleep when your mate sneezes 800 times during the course of the night. Yep, my boy is sick. After getting more and more angry about being woken up over and over again, I realized that yes, I have the power to get sleep for myself. I moved to the guest bedroom and drifted into a peaceful slumber sans sneezing.

A couple hours later, Max decided to stand outside my "new" bedroom door and yowl. "Meeeoooooooow. Meeeeeoooooooow." After 10 minutes of growing more and more agitated, I realized that yes, I have the power to get sleep for myself. I got up and locked his furry butt in the hall bathroom, where he still yowled but was at least mostly muffled.

Zozo and Tachi were quiet all night.

The boys in our house are determined to ensure we get no sleep.

So I'm a little cranky today. Lack of sleep will do that to you. At least I'm not sick. M is plodding through work with the sniffles and a bad case of medicine-head.

Beano's knee gave out last night and she crashed to the ground on Grammy's driveway. She's a bit sore today, and is plodding through work with aches and pains.

I'm just plodding through work feeling a bit tired.

It sure stinks getting old, I'll tell ya.


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