Monday, October 02, 2006

Cards - Yay! Rams - Yay!

Cards rock...Rams's a great time to be a sports fan in The Lou!!!

Well, thanks to Houston doing themselves in (thank you, Atlanta!), we're now the National League Central Division Champs. Again. For, like, the umpteenth time. Let's not botch it again, guys, 'kay? I'm not sure my husband could handle any more post-season sweeps.

Went to the Rams-Lions game yesterday, and sat in the Suburban Journals luxury box. I'm telling you, it's nice to live like the other half sometimes. We had free BEvERages, yummy eats, and awesome seats. And it was a great game...back and forth the whole time, down to a nail-biter at the end. With a big W for us, of course. A wonderful soprano from the Met sang the national anthem, and it was so beautiful it almost drove me to tears, except for the part where an idiotic asshole fan decided to yell, "Mike Martz you suck!" Of course, that was during a pause in the singing, so everyone in the damn dome heard him. Idiot.

I hold no ill feelings for Martz; he's human like the rest of us. His offensive coordination won us a damn Super Bowl, and got us into the playoffs for several years, so have some respect for the man. He helped create The Greatest Show on Turf, and it was a pretty freaking exciting time for football fans in St. Louis, so give it up already. I actually feel a bit sorry for him, because he went from being an offensive coordinator to a head coach and then back to being an offensive coordinator. Having to come back to St. Louis with a demotion is punishment enough for any sins he may have committed against the Rams front office...don't jack up our freakin' national anthem to try to insult him. Really, I think the only thing that "fan" accomplished was having 44,999 people think he's a total jerk.

Many thanks to Grammy for watching Zozo for us yesterday...she had a blast! I'm glad you guys got to go for a walk. She loves walks. And thanks to Beanie for picking up my dress and for spending some time with Zo-Z. And for changing the poopy diaper! Funny how that happened during the short time you were there, huh? Yeah, I think she plans things like that.

Not much else going on. It's the start of another week. Should be a good one...M is home!

Shout-out to Pookie in A2...are you okay or did month-end take you out completely?!


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