Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A kick in the (vacation) pants

So my ad rep stood me up this morning. That's two stand-ups in less than a week. I'm starting to take it personally.

M and I are deciding that we really must take a vacation. Sometime. Eventually. You see, we haven't been on a vacation trip (that would be a trip out of town where neither of us was working, and that is just for fun, with no engagements or commitments, somewhere we decided to go, not AHTD board members or the TSA organization, etc.) since our honeymoon, almost nine years ago.

We got by with this for quite a few years due to M's trade show/conference trips. He got to go to a whole bunch of great places (San Juan, Montreal, Vancouver, Memphis, New York, Sante Fe, Tucson, etc.) and I got to go with him. He had to attend the conferences during the day, but we had most of our evenings together and usually one or two days on the weekend. I was fine with him conferencing all day, as I'd go off making images on my own, and photography really is a one-person activity. He was fine conferencing all day, because he truly enjoyed it and knew that I'd be okay on my own (except for the time somewhere in the desert outside Tucson when I was ever so thankful he had rented a car with four-wheel drive, having gotten myself stuck in the sand on the shoulder of the road after I skidded to a stop to shoot some cacti).

I'm convinced that photographers do better shooting on their own, seeing as how we photographers usually just wander around in what appears to be an aimless fashion, sometimes making photographs of things that casual bystanders would think are goofy. It would be hard to be the traveling companion of a photographer, I think, because unless you are willing to meander and drift and then bolt in random directions, you would be driven crazy in quite a short time.

Anyway, so we got by with not planning our own vacation for a long time. But now, neither one of us is traveling very much, and the things we're going to require evening commitments that wouldn't be conducive to bringing along your spouse, no matter how much of a trophy husband he is.

So, as a result, we haven't traveled together in quite a while, and not to a place of our choosing since our honeymoon.

That's gotta change.

We were supposed to go on a cruise for our 5th anniversary. We moved to a new home instead. The fam (my dad's side) has been talking about going to Ireland for a long time. Things always pop up, though, and make it not a good time for everyone to go. The spa moved (which was a major undertaking and involved darn near the entire family at the time). Then I got pregnant (yay Zozo!). Now Cloyd is battling cancer.

I'm tired of waiting and thinking, "After this...after that..." We have frequent flyer miles up the wazoo, so the flight would be free (or close to free). Our savings is okay, retirement is all up to speed, and Zozo's college fund is well on its way.

I'm now on a one-wife mission to convince my husband we need to go to Ireland (or somewhere) in the spring. I'm hoping that by putting it in writing, out here, it'll actually spur us along to do something instead of always just talking about it.


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