Saturday, September 30, 2006

Sports is sports

Saturday already!

Last night we saw an awesome Cardinals game with our friends Tammy and Garrin. Tammy and M worked together way back in the day at Magpowr, and we like to hook up with them every once in awhile and just catch up. Fine folks, with two adorable children. We always have a blast. Last night's main topic of discussion was the theory that Jim Edmonds is gay. I strongly believe he is not, Garrin strongly believes he is, and M and Tammy fell somewhere in the middle.

This all started at Mike Shannon's, where we ate dinner in "Red's Corner," named, of course, after the great Red Schoendienst. Our table was shaped like home plate. Food was spectacular, and surroundings were fantastic. I always thought that a sports restaurant had to have some kitsch to it, but Mike Shannon's is done so well that it feels like fine dining even though you're surrounded by baseballs, bats, jerseys and other memorabilia. Anyway, on the way in I spotted a rack of new ALIVE Magazines, and snagged one because the October issue is the first issue we've run a full-page ad for the spa.

Jimmy is on the cover, looking fine as usual, and Garrin commented that he wears eyeliner. This, of course, kicked off the discussion: eyeliner or thick eyelashes? gay or straight? either way, on either question, there is no doubt that he's a helluva baseball player.

There are two enclosed booths at Mike Shannon's called "snugs." At the beginning of each season, Mike names each snug after a current Cardinal player who has performed well. This season, one is the Chris Carpenter Snug and the other is the Jim Edmonds Snug. We decided that the next time we visit Mike Shannon's with Tammy and Garrin, we're requesting the Jim Edmonds Snug, just so we can then tell everyone that Garrin was in Jimmy's snug.

I had a 12 oz. strip sirloin with garlic mashed potatoes and a mixed salad, and I highly recommend it all. M had Shannon's Mixed Grill, which consisted of half a fillet, a chicken breast and some beer-battered orange roughy, and a bowl of clam chowder, all of which he highly recommends as well. He ate under a great black and white photograph of Red and Whitey.

After dinner we headed to the ballpark, where we had a great time watching the Cards whip up on the Brewers. For half the game, fans spent much of the time watching the outfield scoreboard that shows game updates around the leagues. We all were specifically watching the Atlanta-Houston game. When it went to 4-1 Atlanta in the 9th, Cardinal fans started chanting and performing the tomahawk chop. It was hysterical. Finally, the game ended and some wise soul in the Cardinals organization put the final score on the big jumbotron, and the crowd erupted. I'm pretty sure at that point the entire fan base was chanting and doing the chop. It was hysterical. I'm hoping that if our game was televised somewhere (ESPN, ESPN 2, wherever) that they showed us, because it was pretty funny, and probably the only time you'd see that spectacle.

After the game we headed home to relieve Grandpa Ray and Grandma Judy, who swore that Zozo had been a perfect angel all night. I hope she was, and I hope they had a good time. Thank you Dad and Judy! Zozo loved spending time with you!

This morning Zozo had her hearing and vision screening at Parents As Teachers, and everything checked out just fine. She was adorable, as usual, and a breeze to work with. I think she's just the coolest little girl in the world.

So, now that I've posted an update here, I'm getting ready to close out our budget for the month, Zozo is napping, and M is running around the yard trying to get it cut as quickly as possible so he can come in and see the rest of the game. Tonight is our neighborhood block party, and tomorrow Grammy is coming over to watch The Bug as we are going to the Rams game. It's a sports-filled weekend around here!


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