Friday, September 29, 2006

Daddy and His Zozo

He's home! Yaaaaaaay!

My boy is finally home, and I am very happy and excited about that.

So is Zoe. I could tell when she gave him her coy little smile this morning.

There is nothing sweeter than watching a father and a daughter connect. They were so cute this morning. M couldn't help but tickle her, and touch her little button nose, and they smiled and laughed and just loved each other.

M doesn't always wear his heart on his sleeve, so it's incredibly endearing to see him open right up for Zozo. He's not a big proponent of sneaking into her room at night, after she's asleep, because he's worried about waking her. I'm always the one who wants to creep in and just look at her. Last night, though, he went in with no hesitation. He stood there, bent over her crib, and took her all in with his eyes. She was a visual feast to him. I could tell he wanted to hold her so bad, but didn't want to wake her. I almost cried with the sweetness. After what felt like an eternity (he was making up for being gone since Sunday morning, so technically, he hadn't seen her since she went to bed Saturday night), he finally kissed his finger, touched her back, and crept back out. I could tell all was right with his world again, just having gotten to see her.

We're going to the game tonight with friends. Dinner first at Mike Shannon's, which we're very excited about as neither of us has ever eaten there. Oh! That reminds me! I was listening to the game last night and Shannon gave me a primo Shannonism. You could hear the organ going at the ballpark, and Shannon said, "And that's Ernies Hays...the organeer for the Cardinals..." I'm pretty sure "organeer" isn't a word.

Thanks to Grandpa Ray and Grandma Judy for watching The Zo tonight! You guys will have a blast!

Congratulations to Mama (Grammy) for getting her new job! Yay! We're very happy for you, and excited about your new adventure.

Congratulations, too, to Beanie for finally updating her blog. Dang, girl. Seriously. What you got goin' on? It's not like you're working a full-time job, raising a child, taking college classes and planning a wedding and stuff. Oh...wait...


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