Thursday, September 28, 2006


Take away my diamonds, my pearls, my gold and my silver. Banish me to the ugly world of no jewelry. I don't deserve to wear pretty things.

Last weekend, bringing a giant laundry basket of clean clothes up from the basement, I ran my hand into the banister and jacked up the setting on my engagement ring. Grrrr.

Yesterday the pendant fell off my necklace and hit the floor, breaking a huge chunk of the decorative enamel off and thereby ruining it forever.

Today, just now, trying to get some bottled water for the management meeting, my hand slipped off the case and hit the wall...ring first, of course. The setting on my blue sapphire ring now will accompany the engagement ring to the jewelers to be repaired. This time I actually knocked the stone completely loose (I have it, thankfully, and it's now taped to a piece of paper and sealed in an envelope so I don't do some other knuckleheaded thing and lose it altogether).

The jewelry gods are punishing me for buying cheap stuff at ABC Trading.


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