Wednesday, October 04, 2006

S.O.S. (Stuck Outside Starbucks)

I caved today and went to Starbucks. Everything went just fine until I found myself trapped in my car, with my mocha thank goodness, in the parking lot. My Starbucks' lot is very, very cramped, and it's a drive-thru to boot, so you've got parking people (me) trying to jimmy around drive-thru people (them). And you know what happened? Three (THREE) beeyotches saw me trying to get out, and purposely pulled forward so that I couldn't. They didn't get any further in line, and if they'd have just let me out they'd be in the same position in less than a minute, but they were cranky (I'm assuming from not having gotten their coffee yet, and from trying not to participate in the demolition derby conditions of the parking lot with no coffee) and refused.

I finally got out and sped past them (well, okay, I wasn't exactly speeding because there were too many cars and I actually had to gently maneuver my way through the obstacle course...but I went as fast as I dared and therefore can use the verb "sped," which is a cool word anyway ands should be used more, I think) and didn't even give them any, ahem, signals. I was a good girl, which I felt I had to be b/c I'm wearing a spa t-shirt today and didn't want to misrepresent my employer.

One of my pals here at the spa is in nursing school, and so is also currently working at BJ-West. She told me this morning that she had to bathe a blind 81-year-old man yesterday. He just had a total hip replacement, and it was feeling sore, so he chose to stand up to ease some of the pressure. She said, "Okay, since you're standing now, I'm going to go ahead and wash your that okay?" He replied, "Fine! Just be sure to get my crack!"

Days like these make me ever so glad I'm in marketing.


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