Saturday, June 10, 2006

Random Photographs

Well, turns out I didn't have as much backlogged in the camera as I thought. So, here are three different images, all taken at very different times, but all within the last week.

Daddy and Zozo, hanging out on the couch together, plotting for Christmas. Even Bob is involved, although he's not facing the camera. Did I tell you the new Bob is on the way? Thank God, because if I had brought this image up without having a new Bob on the way, I'd probably be sobbing incoherently the rest of the day. Long live Bob! P.S. How adorable is my child?! She rocks!

Here's the shot of dinner out with The Cubs Fans. For those of you who don't know my family all that well, an introduction: from left to right we have Mom/Grandma Z, Dad/Grandpa Z, Zozo and M (of course), Izzy, Dina, and Uncle Steve. We ate at Zia's on The Hill. Very good food, very good company, lots of fun. It was Zozo's first time sitting in a high chair at a restaurant like a big girl, and she was excellent. After dinner we went to Ted Drewe's, which is always delicious. No Drewe's yet for Zoe, as it's got honey in it and babies aren't supposed to have honey. I think she was pretty pissed about it, but she got over it.

On Tuesday I had lunch with Jimmy, my old boss, at Cafe Napoli in Clayton. It had been a long time since we caught up, so it was a great time. We dined al fresco, which I think means "outside," but I'm not sure. If any of ya'all know for sure, please let me know so I can quit making an ass of myself if it really means "in my nose" or something like that. Jimmy is smiling because a babe is walking by, I'm sure. Because that's what Jimmy does. Jimmy likes babes.

Feeling like I need to spruce this up a bit with some more images, especially since my posts this week have been heavy on the words and light on the photographs. So, okay, here are some more oldies from the artsy-fartsy file.

These are my beloved Chucks from high school. I made this image my senior year, and it went on to win something (I can't remember...I think the ribbon was blue) at an art competition at Washington University. It's an old favorite, loved my many, and hated by Stef. She really only like nature crap. And panoramic images featuring primary colors.

Gorgeous sunset taken from the hills over Santa Fe. Mostly I think sunset photos are trite and overdone, but I like this one anyway, because I remember the great feeling that went along with making it, and because it's mine and I can.

Fisherman in Vancouver. This image has never struck a chord with anyone but me. I absolutely love it, and yet I get no response when I show it to others. That's interesting to me. I don't know why I like it, but I do. I like the rocky beach with all the texture, and the curve of the beach. I like the waves in the water, and the fisherman's bright yellow coat that pops from the rest of the muted tones. You know what? It's a fine image, and those of you who don't like it can bite my lens.

Yes, I'm feelin' saucy today.

Enough blogging. Must go prepare for the busy day ahead.


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