Saturday, June 03, 2006

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Uncle Steve is in town this weekend, and is, in fact, at the Cardinals/Cubs game as I type. We're getting shellacked, and I attribute that to Steve bringing his friends, Izzy and Dina (Cubs fans mentioned in previous post) to The Lou, and the Cards are graciously allowing their team to win for a bit so they don't feel it was a completely wasted trip.

Many thanks to Uncle Steve for picking up Zozo's Cardinals Crew Kids Club stuff at the stadium today. You rock, Uncle Steve!

Another reason Uncle Steve rocks is the phenomenal breakfast he made for us this morning, hence the title of this post. Actually, it was more of a brunch and no one named Tiffany was even there, so the title isn't very accurate but I figured it might draw a few readers in. So Uncle Steve made us omelets, with ham, onion, fresh tomatoes, avocados and cheese. Ho-ly cow, were they good. Of course, Mom/Grandma (our Mom, Zoe's Grandma) helped quite a bit with the million-million pounds of fresh fruit also provided. Hashbrowns, was a feast fit for a king! Dad/Grandpa took fruit juice/coffee orders, and we basically just stuffed our bellies full of food and told funny stories about Mike and Steve to Izzy and Dina.

Took the opportunity to get Zoe's picture with Uncle Steve.


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