Friday, June 09, 2006

Flotsam and Jetsam (i.e. nothing much, really)

Hooey hooey hooey. Life is just rolling right along, and it's going pretty good. I'm working late tonight for an event here at the spa. Should be fun, but I'll definitely be missing Zozo and M while I'm working. I should be able to get home in time to play with her a little bit before her nite-nite ba-ba, then put her down for the evening, so that's good.

Lots on the schedule this weekend. I've got my event tonight, then tomorrow a bridal shower at noon, a wedding at 2, a party at 4, and the reception for the wedding at 7. Sunday I believe I'll be comatose.

Dinner last night at Portabella for Mitch's 74th birthday. Delicious food and great company...thanks for a wondeful evening Peg and Mitch! Peg even took on Zoe duty for a few minutes, walking around the restaurant with her when she got a little fussy. Once they came back, Zoe with a few little tears and Peggy looking chagrined. "Well, we discovered the spiney plant isn't fun to touch." I thought I was gonna die laughing. Yeah, you learn real quick while holding Zoe now that if it's anywhere within reach it gets grabbed.

Portabella is the only place I've ever eaten where they wrap up your leftovers in aluminum foil in the shape of a swan. Pretty darn swanky, huh? That alone makes the place cool.

Zozo is really starting to crawl now. It's a little herky jerky, and she doesn't go real fast, but it's definitely crawling. I put her in a pink onesie today, instead of one of her little onesie/skirt combos, so she'll be more streamlined for crawling. Good luck today, Grandma!

OH! Almost forgot. BIG, HUGE, GIGANTO kudos to Grandma and Grandpa Zlatic. Get this...they found a new Bob. We were going to pop down to Babies R Us this weekend and pick up another Bob, and so Grandma and Grandpa thought they'd help out and grab one while in SoCo last night dropping something off for Joey K. They looked for Bob, couldn't find him, then went and asked for help. After printing our registry they discovered some very disturbing news: Bob has been discontinued. Didya hear the woman screaming, "Noooooooo!" last night? Yeah, that was Grandma.

So the Babies R Us girlie looked up Bob on the computer and there weren't any Bobs left in The Lou, but she showed one outside of Chicago and two in Indiana. Grandpa got on the phone and spoke to a grumpy employee in Chicago, who was probably grumpy because they're closing her Babies R Us and she'll be out of a job soon. Grumpy couldn't even confirm for sure that the octopus they had was Bob (just how many stuffed octopi are out there?), and wouldn't ship it, and wouldn't hold it for more than 24 hours. Not knowing if Uncle Steve could get there that quickly, Grandpa called the Indiana store. Success! The very nice woman (I could call her a Hoosier, because that's not a deragatory term when used to describe an Indianan...or would that just be Indian? Do you lop off the a or do you add an n? Ponder that one for a while, why dontcha) confirmed that she indeed had Bob, and described him in minute detail, and agreed to ship him.

Somewhere between Indiana and STL, there drives a shipping truck with a beloved octopus named Bob. Let's all pray for his safe delivery.

So, a million million thanks to Grandma and Grandpa for finding a new Bob, against all odds, for Zozo and her mommy. We both thank you from the bottoms of our hearts. (I'm sure Daddy is rolling his eyes right now, thanking God that Bob will soon be replaced and his wife can quit obsessing on a stuffed octopus.)

Not much else to tell. Gotta get this posted b/c there's a lovely little message from blogger on my screen saying they're taking everything down for maintence later this morning.

As for me...I'm off to have my daily cup of hot green tea (yummy!) with honey from the farmer's market in Ann Arbor (delicious!). I'm, um, scraping the last of the honey out of the jar, hint hint. If only I knew someone in Ann Arbor who goes by the farmer's market and who was coming to STL to see her dad for Father's Day...if only...if only...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lucky for you that I'm actually going to the Farmer's market tomorrow...en route to Starbuck's and "shopping" at the thrift store with a buddy... Which "flavor" is it again?

12:02 PM  
Anonymous Jenny said...

Ok, I gotta say, I agree with M on this one. I am currently rolling my eyes at you obsessing over a crazy octopus! Too bad you can't be that obsessed with buying say a pocket calculator to assist with carrying the ones while dividing lunch costs!

11:08 PM  

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