Monday, June 05, 2006

Oodles of Giggles

Busy night tonight, but good. M ran to Sam's and CompUSA while I picked up Zozo and started dinner. While I was snapping fresh green beans and assembling a mighty fine salad, he was watching the dolt at CompUSA completely unpack and repack the Epson PictureMate we purchased yesterday and returned, unopened, today. We didn't even look at the package closely, much less open it, but the cashier insisted that "it doesn't look like it came packaged from the factory." Um, yeah, if you look right over there, at that stack of 25 Epson PictureMates, you'll see that they all look exactly like this one. Have fun there, Haskell.

After dinner I cleaned up while M spent some quality time amusing his daughter. I heard the classical music playing, and her toys banging around, and every once in awhile I'd hear a squeal. All of a sudden I heard total gut-busting laughter coming from my little girl. Deep, infectious belly laughs. I just had to see what was going on, so I tiptoed over to the library door and peeked in.

Zozo and M sat face to face on the floor, cross-legged. M would lean over and touch his nose to the floor, so all Zozo could see was the top of his head. He'd start to raise his face to be equal with hers and she'd start giggling. By the time he made it up, so that they were nose to nose, she was full out belly laughing. It was the sweetest thing I think I've ever seen, and I just about cried.

After playing for awhile, we tried to put her down for a nap. She was having none of that, and told us so. Loudly. Back to her room, where Daddy and Zozo read a few books while Mommy cleaned up (Mommy's been slacking and Zozo's room looked like a hurricane swept was high time for some straightening).

If you want to see something really, really humorous, watch an engineer read a Dr. Seuss book. Now that is funny. "Big I little i what begins with i? Itchy itchy Ichabod, i...i...i." He muddled through the whole alphabet, bless his heart, and it took everything I had to not crack up laughing at the look of utter confusion on his face. The boy doesn't like reading books anyway, and this one about sent him over the edge. Ahhh, the things we do for our children.

Then it was bathtime for Zoe, and then the evening ba-ba, then a manicure (she loves manicures..she's such a girl), and down for the night. So now I'm blogging, and M's working on Christmas, Zoe and the cats are sleeping (not together), and the Cardinals are winning (congrats to Yadier Molina on his first homerun of the season - yay Yadi!). Mike Shannon's giggling (due to many icy cold Budweisers, I'm sure, and not Daddy playing peek-a-boo with him), and I've had my chocolate pudding and biscotti...mmmmm. All is right with the world. I'll be signing off now, as I'm determined to get a decent amount of sleep tonight.

In looking for an image for ya'all tonight, I found this one I made when Zoe was five weeks old. When I look at it, I realize what's truly important in the world.


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