Thursday, June 08, 2006

Technical Difficulties

Many apologies for not posting any more yesterday. It seems blogger had a burp or something and was down for a few hours. I had a post all ready to go and everything, and then this lovely message popped up on my screen:

I about screamed, "Nooooooo!" but I would have startled my officemates who were also eating their lunches. So I copied/pasted my post into a Word document, because it was a beauty and I didn't want it to go to waste, and kept checking back throughout the afternoon. Eventually the elves at blogger put up this screen:

I love it when they say "unexpected problem." Yeah...duh. Later they changed the message to say they were fixing errors in the database. That sounds pretty darn intense, if you ask me, but it could be nothing serious and the standard reply they put out for everything. "The building is on fire, but we don't want to alarm anyone, so tell 'em we're conducting database repairs!"

So I was all set to post my carefully crafted and witty message from yesterday, when I re-read it and realized it was all full of piss and vinegar due to a nasty mood I was in. Yes, that's right, I was driving the Bitter Bus yet again. Anyway, I decided not to taint my lovely blog, which up to now has been quite family-friendly. The fact that it's been rated G for so long surprises me, given my adoration of expletives and salty language. Sometime you just gotta drop the f-bomb, you know? If you would really like to read my unposted post from yesterday, shoot me an e-mail and I'll send it along.

News from the home front: Zozo is making great strides towards crawling forward. She went a few feet forward yesterday afternoon, which is quite good for her. Normally she scoots backwards and then gets pissed that her toys are farther away. She's also learning to practice the art of yoga, and has mastered the pose I believe is called Downward Facing Dog. This is where she's on her tip-toes and fingers, in a bridge-formation. Grandma has a photo of it...I'll see if I can get a digital copy to post here as it's quite funny.

Went to watch the Cards last night. I'm not sure what's going on with our boys of summer, but they sure aren't playing up to their potential. Yeah, yeah, Pujols is out for a bit, but we've still got Rolen and Edmonds and Eckstein and Molina. We've got the freakin' Cy Young Award winner for last year in Carpenter. Miles is pretty darn good, and Taguchi is reliable, and Encarnacion is catching on here...c'mon, guys, there is NO reason to get swept by Cinci. Really. I mean, they're good, but I honestly believe we're better. (If any Cinci Zlatics are still reading this blog: no offense, but I calls 'em likes I sees 'em. Feel free to post your pro-Reds comments any time, realizing that I'm the supreme creator and grand poobah of this blog and may censor you, depending on my mood of the moment.)

No chance to download any images last night, as we got home from the game late and fell into bed. Hoping to get to it tonight, after dinner out with the fam (Dad's side). A wonderful happy birthday to Uncle Mitch! And thanks again to Aunt Shelly for watching The Bug last night so we could have Date Night!


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