Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Adios, Bob.

Well, no good news this morning. Bob is still missing. He wasn't at Wal-Mart, CompUSA, Target or Shop 'n Save. We combed the house and the car last night and he was nowhere to be found. I'd guess that some lucky little kid found him at one of the aforementioned stores, so we're writing Bob off as a donation to the greater good of all children, and send him off with best wishes to spread peace, love and harmony. Some day, that kid is gonna tell his or her kids and grandkids, "When I was little, I found this really cool octopus, and he became my best friend." Go, Bob, go and spread cheer and happiness. Good luck, Godspeed, and farewell.

We'll go this weekend and get another Bob.

Last night was lazy and lovely. Spent quality family time in the library, listening to the Cards disintigrate. Well, except for a 40-minute walk around the subdivision. Zozo sat up in her stroller for the first time, instead of laying in her infant carrier. I think she quite enjoyed the different view, getting to actually see where she's going and everything from the ground up and all, as opposed to the trees, sky and occasional bird she sees from the carrier. By the end of the trip, though, she was sitting in typical Zo-fashion: one leg cranked up by her face, being held up by the foot. It's not very lady-like, but we have time to work on that.

Going to the game tonight...Ponson takes the mound to start the game. Are we ever gonna get to see Cy Young Award winner Chris Carpenter pitch live? I doubt it. 'Course, he hasn't exactly been on fire lately. None of 'em have, really. Let's hope Pujols has a speedy recovery and is back at first in no time. Not using our tix tonight, as we have two from my printer vendor here at work. Let's see...where are we sitting? First base field box 135, row 12, seats 3 and 4. I have no clue where that is. Will have to find a map of the stadium later and check it out.

Many thanks to Aunt Shelly for watching Zoe tonight! We told her (Zoe, not Aunt Shelly) this morning to be a good girl and behave for you. She smiled and blew raspberries, which could mean just about anything.

Still waiting for the PictureMate to ship from Amazon. It just chaps my ass when the description page says, "Usually ships in 24 hours" and then once you get all the way through the order process it says, "Your order is expected to ship in a week and a half." They might as well write "Nyah nyah...gotcha!" I believe it's scheduled to ship Monday, arriving sometime mid-week or so. Still, we saved 40 bucks plus tax, so the wait is worth it, I suppose.

That's about all I have. Sorry no post last night. I took a night off to start reading Angels and Demons by Dan Brown, the devil incarnate acccording to The Catholic Church. What cracks me up is that if the Church just sat back and said, "Nice piece of fiction." and let it go, then it'd probably be no big deal. But noooo, they have to go and get their collective papal panties in a wad and start screamin' about this and that, which of course attracts all sorts of media attention, and makes people start to wonder, "Hmmm, is he on to something here?" Yes, I know, I'm going to hell for thinking this, and for writing "papal panties." Can't help it though...God gave me the desire to use witty alliteration and gosh darn it, I'm gonna do it. I think he'd understand. I think God has a sense of humor. Just look at the platypus.

No new images yet. I have a few in the D100, but haven't dumped the card into the Mac yet. Won't be tonight, as we're going to the game. Maybe tomorrow night after dinner.

Secret Message of the Day: Hey Jimmy, Amy Bertrand says thanks for lunch yesterday!


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