Friday, June 30, 2006

Ohio Pix

I have been remiss in posting images to the blog, so I decided that I'd just bang out a bunch this morning and be done with it. Here are some photographs from the Ohio trip.

I do believe I am the palest person in this photograph.
Thanks to the Winkler Family for making me look like a ghost.
Haven't you people heard of sun block?

Someone thought it would be funny if Zoe dunked.
Apparently she's really good at it.
Nike is signing her to endorse a new line: Air Zozo.

Ah, good ol' Mushroom and Carrot.
Mushroom's alcohol content level is sky-high by this point.

Further evidence of Mushroom's intoxication.

Wow, so this is what they teach at the World's Finest School of Journalism.
Hey Cabbage, are aces high or low?
And thanks for finally updating your blog, buddy!

Who says drunks can't be productive?
This Beeramid was proudly assembled, beer by beer,
to the tune of the Olympic Anthem,
follwed by a tribute to the World Cup, "Goooooooooal!"

"Ya'all drink a bunch of beer, and you put me in the play pen?!"

When we're all packed in the car, this is the view I get when I turn around in the front seat.
How lucky am I?!

Judging by the look on Zoe's face, I'd guess Bob just tooted.

Zozo and Daddy, in front of the carousel she wasn't allowed to ride because she didn't have socks or shoes. Hmmm, future volleyball star or a five-minute carousel ride...
We'll go with volleyball. More scholarship potential that way.

I have many more images, but I figured this will hold you over for now. I'll try to post more later. Maybe. If I feel like it.

Disclaimer: No computer program was used to determine the images used in this blog post. I just picked the ones I liked. So there.


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