Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Cleaning House

Back to work today, and it feels good to have some "normalness" return. Lots going on at the spa, which I love, because it means we're busy and more clients are coming and going and that's typically pretty good for business.

I'd always much rather be busy at work than slow. When you're slow, the day seems to just drag out forever. But when you're busy, it's over in no time, and you feel productive. I'm happiest when I'm productive.

On the home front, I'm about to "get productive" on all our junk. Usually about once a quarter, I get fed up with the stuff we've accumulated and decided that much of it simply has to go. I do a major clean-up, and throw out (or donate, actually) a ton of stuff. We then feel pared down, lean and mean, organized and simplified. I haven't gotten to do my "crap purge" in awhile, what with the pregnancy and preparing for Zozo's arrival, then actually becoming a parent, and you can see it in our house. We have way too much stuff!

When we were walking around King's Island on Sunday, I saw another parent pushing a tot in a stroller. There was an adorable stuffed monkey hanging on the stroller with "Paramount's King's Island" printed on its belly. Very cute. My immediate thought was, "Oh, Zozo needs one of those for her stroller!" I checked in with M and we decided to take a few minutes to walk through one of the gift shops in the park and see if we could find something. A few minutes later, having not even made it into a shop yet, we looked at each other and said, "We don't really need anything, do we? Let's not." Instead, all we brought home was some great memories and a few images on the digicam. These things take up much less room than a toy that Zozo will probably never play with and will end up being donated to Salvation Army in 20 years, after having been shuffled around our house collecting dust.

We've gotten pretty good at not purchasing things just to purchase them. Typically, we purchase only consumables (food, bathroom supplies, etc.) on a regular basis. I've learned that the only reason to bring something home is if you really, really, love it, will use it regularly, and if you'd regret not purchasing it for the rest of your life. So, the non-consumables we buy tend to be art, music, photography gear (me) and Christmas decs (M). We wrap our memories around images and experiential items (art and music), not roller coaster coasters.

But, right now, I've got well over a year's worth of crap that's built up in my house. It's time to simplify, simplify, simplify. Now, if I could only find a spare day or two...


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