Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Repeating the Repetitive Repetition

Nothing much new to report tonight, and no new images to post. We actually had a very nice, relaxing evening. Well, except for that part where M ran around cutting the yard. It looks great out there; he's done a wonderful job getting the lawn to look good despite the efforts of local kids to keep it torn up with their cars.

One of my most favorite "church songs" was played at Grandma's funeral yesterday. It's called "Shepherd Me O God" and it's by Marty Haugen. I tried to find a good link to post here so you could listen to it yourself, but instead I found an entire section of the Catholic population devoted to an anti-Marty Haugen movement. Wow. I was surprised. I like some of his stuff, and dislike some of it (mainly due to a certain self-righteous liturgical dancer at our old parish), but I never thought to start a Web site about it. Apparently there are those members of the Catholic Church who feel that Mr. Haugen's music is too contemporary, and that the Church needs to stick with the music from its heritage. Like the Church doesn't have more important things to worry about (Dan Brown's works of fiction, for instance).

If you would like to find a snippet of that song, you can try googling it yourself and see what you come up with. I found bits here and there, but nothing to write home about. You can hear a little on iTunes, if you so choose.

Zozo has added a new sound to her repertoire. She clicks now. She does that child thing where she finds something new and then does it over and over because it's new and she likes the sound. Apparently she has a few years before she grows out of that, because while on the phone with Beano last night Joey was yelling from his bath, "I'm gonna miss Shrek because I'm in the bath in the bath in the bath in the bath in the bath!"

Hmmm. I don't think I have anything else, really. It's almost 9:30, and I think I'll just get ready for bed and work on a crossword puzzle. Falling asleep by 10 sounds just divine.

No news on Aunt Sharon. Just keep prayin'.


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