Monday, June 26, 2006

Home Sweet Home

Well, we're finally back to the humble abode after what felt like three and a half days of go go go.

Friday night I had my event at our OF spa, and it went extremely well. I should say it went extremely well on our part. The spa shone, the staff was awesome, and we had a blast. Unfortunately, the BJC folks had a horrible no-show rate for guests. I recommended they double-book for next year. I'd rather deal with a crowd than too few people.

Despite the low turn-out, the event got started late, which meant it ended late, which put me on the road home late, which made our start for OH late. We didn't leave the house until 9:15 p.m., and it was pedal-to-the-metal all the way. Only three brief stops: one for some Taco Bell for my dinner, one to switch drivers so M could get some rest, and the last one to switch back. Those last two were literally made on the shoulder of the highway...we weren't foolin' around!

Just past the Wabash River, just before Terre Haute, the ZoMobile turned 100,000 miles. I was behind the wheel at the time, and watched the odometer blip up. I patted her dashboard and thanked her for being so good and reliable and comfortable, and she responded by just humming along with her cruise set at 78 mph. My car is awesome.

Even with the good time we made, we rolled into Blue Ash (outside of Cincy) at around 3:45 a.m. their time. Checked in, got Zozo situated, and passed out.

Saturday we hung out with the family, and by noon had managed to check off one of the big must-do's on my list: lunch at Skyline Chili. Mmmmm. If you haven't had Skyline Chili, well, you're missing quite a treat. It's different than traditional chili, or Steak 'n Shake chili, or O.T. Hodge's chili, all of which I love. I can't explain'll just have to drive to Ohio and try it yourself! That afternoon it was back to the hotel for a brief nap for Zozo (and yours truly), while M went to mass with the fam, then back again to the OH Z house for some more hangin' out and a few rounds of corn hole. Corn hole is the Cincy version of washers. You have a rectangle of plywood with a round hole cut in it, sitting at an angle, and you try to toss bean bags into the hole. One point for landing on the wood (and staying there), and three points for making the hole. Loads of fun, and I must say I play better when I'm slightly intoxicated.

That night was Cousin Angie's graduation party at "her" pool in Wyoming, OH (she's the pool manager). Congratulations, Angie! We're so proud of you for working your tushie off and getting your degree! Oh yeah, and good luck getting your new pool!

The evening was quite interesting, as Grandma Z took care of Zozo while her parents drank some beer. Then some more beer. Then a little more. We weren't alone in our endeavors, though. It was a family effort and the 2006 beeramid was formed. I have photographs, of course, but am too tired to download, format and post tonight. Will hopefully get to them tomorrow night. A few words from the evening: mushroom... mushroom... mushroom... rhubarb! Who's up for a round of cannonball?! Hey, are aces high or low?

Oh, and one last note about that night: while I seem to get better at throwing the bean bags in corn hole while slightly inebriated, I am much slower in dodging them. This is bad when someone else (Mushroom!) gets horribly bad aim after drinking a few beers and lobs a beanbag in my direction. My bicep still hurts, you drunken vegetable!

Sunday was the trip to King's Island, which was a blast as usual. I rode almost every ride that everyone else did, with the exception of The Vortex, and only because that one came on the heels of the phone call that the St. Louis family was pulling Aunt Sharon off life support and that made me feel a little queasy. Oh, and I didn't ride Son of Beast when just a few of us did, simply because I've ridden it before and didn't feel like getting the tar beat out of me again. That ride is just horrible. I also skipped Delirium, but had ridden that one before too, and didn't feel the need to give myself the willies again. I did get to ride The Italian Job twice, though, which is an awesome little ride where the cars look just like little Mini Coopers. Very cool, especially given my fascination with Minis.

We had a perfect day at KI (second time in a row!), with beautiful weather and hardly any lines. Near the end we went to put Zoe on the carousel, but the Ride Nazi said she couldn't get on with no shoes or socks. We had left her socks at the hotel (it was freakin' 90 degrees!) and she doesn't wear shoes, so it was no rides for Zozo. Well, except for the Great Stroller Coaster, which carted her cute little butt around all day.

Zoe was a champ the entire weekend. She rarely fussed, and went with the flow for food and bottles. She slept soundly at the pool the night of Angie's party (in her pack 'n play in Ang's office), and at the hotel all three nights. She's a rockin' baby, and yes, we know we are so fortunate and blessed that she's so good. We like to take some credit for it, being her parents and all.

Today was the drive home, which would've gone considerably faster without an hour and a half delay outside of Terre Haute for some resurfacing on the highway. Other than that, things went rather smoothly and we were home by 6.

I have a list of thank you's a mile long, and probably tons more things to share, but I'm tired as heck and ready to hit the sack. M's just turned in, and I'm right behind him.

It'll be good to get back to the grind tomorrow!

One last note: thanks to everyone for their thoughts and prayers for Aunt Sharon. She passed away on Sunday afternoon after a long fight. Keep praying for my family, please, and especially for Uncle Bill. Thank you.


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