Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Thanks for the memories...

Ahhhh...a "normal" night, finally. We came home, picked up Zo, made some dinner and hung out in the library. Listening to the Cards lose yet again. They could still come back...we're only halfway through the game at this point, but judging how we've been playing...yeesh. Played some blocks, some Leapfrog globe, some Fisher Price stacker thingy. M and I were climbed on by our little monkey, both of us trying hard not to laugh so much that we'd shake her off.

She's had her nite-nite ba-ba and is down now, sleeping peacefully, and most certainly not in the same position we laid her.

So. I'm tired and too lazy to dump the images from the weekend, format and post. I'll simply do my thank you list.

1. Thanks to the OH Z Fam for hosting us this weekend.
2. Thanks to Grandma Z for being on-the-road nanny to Zozo.
3. Thanks to Aunt Shelly for the awesome barbecue sauce.
4. Thanks to Uncle Jim for the fantastic pizza at La Rosa's Sunday after King's Island.
5. Thanks to Rob for the Steak 'n Shake Monday on the way home.
6. Thanks to Aunt Shelly and Grandma Z for the sunblock after we forgot our swim bag.
7. Thanks to Dad and Judy for watching the kitties while we were gone.
8. Thanks to Grammy and Beans for keeping us in the loop about Aunt Sharon.
9. Thanks to Aunt Chris and Uncle Mark for the beautiful baptism gifts for Zoe.
10. Thanks to Steffi for calling me at midnight to commiserate on the Cards sucky playing.

And, of course, I'm thankful for the great weather, reliable transportation, loving family, good accomodations, delicious food, well-behaved child, time off from my awesome job, and everything else that conspired to give us a wonderful weekend away from home.

Tomorrow will be another short day as far as posting to the blog. We're day-tripping to Rolla for Aunt Sharon's funeral. (Thanks in advance to Grandma Z for watching Zozo.) Keep those prayers coming, and tack on another one for my mama, as she's undergoing outpatient (!) back surgery tomorrow. I fail to see how any back surgery can be outpatient, but they'll do just about anything to keep you from staying the night any more.

Quote of the Day:
Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.
-Abraham Lincoln


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