Friday, June 23, 2006

Everything but the kitchen sink. On second thought, let's take that, too.

Why is it that packing for a trip is such a pain in the patootie that it almost outweighs the value of actually going on the trip?

I made my packing list, being the anal-retentive person I am, and so we went down the list last night and again this morning, checking everything off as we went. So, it wasn't stressful (except for our daily fight about stepping on kitty litter all the time), but still, there are far better things I'd rather be doing (like vacuuming to avoid the daily fight about stepping on kitty litter all the time).

So, we have our various bags. Our shoes bag, our "things that could leak and mess up everything else" bag, our pool towels bag, our clothes bag, our toiletries bag, the camera bag, Zozo's bag. My work tote is now pulling second shift as the "all things rechargeable" bag, and contains chargers for two digital cameras, a cell phone and the iPod. It's a mess o' wires in there, and I'm not looking forward to having to pull something out. I could go through and tie them up all neatly with rubberbands, but I'd rather post something to the blog.

We're all staged and ready to go, with the biggies stacked neatly by the garage door, and the furrables stacked neatly in our bedroom. Furrables are those luggage pieces that our kitties find irresistable to lay upon, thereby depositing more fur than they keep on their bodies. We keep furrables away from the furry creatures as much as possible, and have tape rollers stashed everywhere to combat those times they sneak through.

I have to run to Sam's today to get things for our event tonight, then I have to go unload the Sam's stuff, and set up for the event, and get all hot and stinky. Then I change my clothes, try to tone down the stinkiness, and meet 'n greet for a couple of hours, throwing in a bit of public speaking (hate that, but am getting better at it the more I do it. I hate it when M is right.). Then I get to clean everything up, hop in my car, and zoom home, so we can load it all up and drive for five hours. Needless to say, it's going to be a looooong day. Probably won't get a chance to post any more after this today, so many apologies in advance. Our hotel supposedly has wireless internet, so hopefully I'll get a chance to put a little something out now and then over the weekend.

Pet peeve of the day: receiving e-mails from "professionals" who can't spell tomorrow. She consistently types "tommarrow." Not even close. Seriously, what do you think the little red squiggly line under "tommarrow" means? Spell check is indeed a wonderful thing...if only she would use it.


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