Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Cookies. Yum.

Well, well, well. My "don't F with me" mood has produced some interesting results, mostly pretty good.

The nastygram this morning got the attention of some muckity-mucks at the recipient's company, and things are being fixed, including the rescheduling of an event from next Wednesday night to three weeks from today, giving me some much-needed breathing room.

Have also found out that my nemesis at the spa (can you have a nemesis at a day spa?! probably not, but I like to be dramatic) is under the microscope by management. That makes me giggle. Hee hee. But I only giggle to myself, because I'm now part of management and it's unseemly for management to giggle at someone else's misfortune. Even if she did bring it on herself.

I have finished my Caesar salad lunch, and it was quite good, but I think I could kill someone with my breath. I'd go brush my teeth, but I'm awaiting the delivery of half a chocolate chip cookie, nuked of course, to simulate that "fresh baked" smell and taste. Mmmm. Chocolate.

Speaking of cookies...we had ourselves a mystery here at the spa this morning. Our events coordinator set out a tray of cookies in our meeting room for a corporate retreat taking place in there today. They were wrapped in cello and were clearly there for an event. Well, apparently not so clearly, as there were enough missing this morning that she had to make an emergency run to the store to replenish the tray. We have two employees caught on video (they all know we have a video surveillance system, so how can they be so stupid?) going into an arranged meeting room and coming out munching. That makes me laugh, too.

Still no word on Aunt Sharon, so I'm going to assume that means she's still fightin'. You go, girl. You always were one tough cookie.


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