Thursday, April 02, 2009

PhotoWalk I

Zozer and I got home today with some extra time and fine weather, so we decided to go for a walk. On our way out the door, she said, "I'm going to take my camera!" and grabbed it off the counter. "Uhhh, actually, that's a very good idea!" I retrieved my camera as well, and we set out.

I like her take from the day more than mine, except for the images I made of her making images. Some days you just don't hit all cylinders, or, as Stef likes to say, "I didn't bring my A game."

Not that every day has to produce stunning images, but, you know. I like to at least think that the effort is visible. Not so much today. At least not for me. Zozer is developing quite an eye, though.

So, here's our collective work. As you visit our cyber gallery from our very first PhotoWalk keep in mind that the good ones are hers, and the turds are mine.


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