Sunday, March 22, 2009

No cheating!

Another instructor felt the need to point out to use the academic integrity rules of our university...although this time he was pretty cool about it. He waited until the first week's posts and included his observations that our contributions are completely different both in nature and in context.

Yeah, no shit.

So we wrote him back (separately, of course) and pointed out the following reasons why we don't cheat.

  1. We're way too competitive to cheat. I want to kick his behind legitimately and vice versa. You have to earn bragging rights.
  2. We actually want to learn this stuff. Otherwise why bother to do it?
  3. We need this information to advance in our careers.
  4. We're too cheap to drop this kind of money and not get every possible thing out of the experience.

And, you know, that whole "we're honest people" thing.


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