Friday, March 27, 2009

Don't quote me on this...

I "hate" it when "people" use quotes "way" too much when they are "writing."

I mean, I've got nothing against quotation marks...they are a necessary and vital form of written communication. Punctuation as a whole is a good thing. It's incredibly important in that it helps readers better decipher meaning, and helps with legibility and all that. It can even convey emotion. For example, look at these sentences:

Today I'm having a chicken samich for lunch.
Today I'm having a chicken samich for lunch!
Today I'm having a chicken samich for lunch?

Three different meanings. With the period, it's just a statement of fact. With the exclamation point, it's a declaration of excitement and how much I love chicken samiches. With the question mark it''s a question. Like, "I'm having what for lunch?" Which might give the impression that I, in fact, do not care for chicken samiches. Which would be erroneous because I do adore a good chicken samich.

So, this is just to prove that punctuation is necessary and, when used properly, greatly aids in communication. The key there, people, is "when used properly."

My good "friend" in one of our classes this term thinks that quotation marks are like butter - adds yumminess to everything. (Think about really can't go wrong in cooking if you just add butter.) The guy uses quotes about four times per sentence. Which makes reading his posts extremely difficult. And, of course, he likes to post. A lot. To everyone. Even if it's just to say, "Good post." Or "Good" post. Or Good "post."

So, in the spirit of punctuation love, I share this with you:

Perhaps you won't find it as "fun" as I do, but I think it's downright freakin' "hilarious." And I may "send" it to the "classmate" who "loves" quotation "marks."


Anonymous Aunt KK said...

Id have to say that your husband would not agree with the "add butter to cooking" comment... now would he?

6:54 PM  
Blogger Amy said...

He's getting better with the butter...and wonders if we're ever going to let him live that one down. I told him, "Nope!"

11:11 PM  

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