Wednesday, March 18, 2009

........ is the electronic equivalent of "uhhhhh"

We're less than a full week into our new term, and I've already identified The Most Annoying Classmate Ever. At least for the next nine weeks.

First of all, this was his introduction to the class (all names removed to protect the moronic):

Hello Professor Xxxxx & Class....I finally landed....... My Name is Xxxx Xxxxx.....just call me "Nate"......please..... I'm a resident of Northern Virginia (Fairfax County/Alexandria) in the Washington DC Metro area....... I'm a natural born resident of New Orleans, Louisiana which will always be home....... I'm African American, conservative Republican, but with very moderate views, and not aligned with crazy conservative views.... I have been employed with the US Federal Government for nearly 34 years which includes 10 years of active duty (Veteran) military service....... I am a Program Manager and Analyst working in Force Development and Force Management for the US Army (in the Pentagon).......but my principal background experience is in Logistics management........ I've been a Student of Webster University since Early 2008......My Graduate (MBA) studies is in Procurement & Acquisition Management......since I am a member of the US Army Acquisition Corps and Acquisition level III certified in Life Cycle Logistics Management...... In my 34 years federal service I have travel over most of the world living and working in Europe, Central/South American, the Pacific Regions, South West Asia.... I enjoy travel, reading, physical fitness, marathons, hunting, fishing, sport-shooting, political discussions, dancing, music of all types (in good tastes of course), bookstores, cafes, Theater-Productions, Horror-Movies (Especially-Vampire-Flicks)...... I hope to bring added value to the class and help others while I also hope to learn from all of you as well....... If I missed anything.....let me know (LOL)....

So, from what I can tell, ol' Nate has an aversion to ending sentences with the most common of punctuation marks, the lowly period. Instead, he chooses to create one helluva run-on sentence using not only ellipses, but ellipses on steriods. This in and of itself is most annoying, but Nate goes on to bother everyone outside of his introductory post.

The man has felt the need to respond to each and every other students' introductory post with nothing more than, "Sally........welcome to the class........Nate" Sometimes he mixes it up and throws in a ".......good luck........"

While you might think, "Oh, that's nice. He's just being friendly." keep in mind that a.) usually the professor welcomes people to the class, not a fellow student, and b.) by doing this, he's creating a whole shitpot of work for all the other students, who must go through and click on every single one of his stupid, unnecessary and inane posts just to get through them (or they'll linger forever in the "unread messages" folder and will not enable you to see at a glance if you really do have new, unread messages).

He has already done this no less than 14 times, and we're less than five full days into the term.

Which makes me want to hurl my wireless mouse at his head.

I hope he chokes on an ellipses.


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