Monday, March 30, 2009

Things I'm thankful for today

I love that there is a room in my house that consistently smells like Johnson's baby lotion. At this point, it's The Smell of Zo.

When she's not home, all I have to do is walk in there (to return hair barrettes, pig-tail holders, clothes, toys, books, etc.) and her presence is overwhelming. My heart crumples. It's like when I spot bits and pieces of her things - Zozer flotsam and jetsam, so to speak - lying about the house. A little toy tucked here or there (usually a wooden piece of food...thanks Grammy) is enough to make me smile.

She made us mushroom pudding again this weekend. I really need to keep the camera ready to capture the look on M's face when she proudly presents his fresh mug of mushroom pudding. It's priceless.
M is out of town this week...left this morning for Vegas. Thanks to D-Fresh for showing him a good time tonight, and to Tiff for giving up her hubby so M could have dinner with a buddy.
A shout-out, too, to all the friends and family who supported IAS with their presence at our Trivia Night fundraiser Saturday. You guys rock! (And, for the record, Table 18, Annie Leibovitz actually has shot very, very little for Vogue. It WAS Rolling Stone in the 70s, which the question specifically stated, and Vanity Fair in the 90s-present. What little work she's done for Vogue was probably mid-late 90s, which was not covered in the question. So, deducting that one point from your score, we stand even. Although I still say that Table 17 deserves extra credit for having a lesbian Republican.) I hope you all had as much fun as I.

Back to the econ homework...


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