Saturday, November 22, 2008

Not out of my gourd(s) yet

Shot some gourds today. Way back before Halloween, when we took Zozer to the pumpkin patch, I purchased four interesting gourds to photograph. They've pulled double duty by serving as fall decorations on our buffet in the dining room, and finally today they migrated to the darkroom.

I'm digging this idea of disposable (and photographable) decorations. They were a quarter each, so for two bucks I got over a month's worth of cool things to look at while we eat, and an hour's worth of fun in the studio. I'd have probably shot more of them, but I was in single parent mode today with M out working on the display. Since Zozer has decided to go through her Terrible Twos at the age of three and a half, keeping up with her by one's self is a full-time job. Anyway, the gourds are still relatively fresh and look cool, and when they're past their prime off they'll go as biodegradable garbage. I'm going to try to shoot them again tomorrow, perhaps when ZoeMonster is down for her nap.

We're hanging out tonight in front of the TV, a rarity since we started taking classes. I know, I know, I said I wasn't going to post any more about school, but after four and a half hours on the midterm last night (into this morning, actually), I feel it's deserving of at least a little mention. Anyway, so here we are in front of the TV, watching college football, and it actually feels like a normal night. M is dismantalling the electronic component of a store-bought Christmas display addition and rewiring it to suit our purposes and I'm surfing my favorite photography sites. Except for the fact that my ottoman looks like a miniature Gateway Electronics, life is pretty good.

Was just reminded by a commercial for Charle Brown's Thanksgiving Special that Thanksgiving is indeed next week. Not sure where the year has gone...except possibly into the ethernet that is our connection to school. I'm thankful for a lot this year (as I am every year; I'm generally a pretty thankful person), but one of the things I'm most thankful about is that our first year of grad school is almost over. Only one and a quarter (or so) to go!

Must get back to surfing now before going to bed early. Need a few minutes to read yet another "Is film dead?" thread. People always say the same things in these threads, but we photographers apparently like to beat a stupid topic to death.

I just like to say the word "gourd." Too bad it's seasonal.


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