Monday, November 17, 2008

Two more reasons to love photography

This is my husband (on the left) and my brother-in-law (on the right) and their neighbor's dog (in the middle) many, many moons ago. Aren't they cute?

They're adorable in this photograph, too, but I especially love the plaid pants. Wow. Those are stylin', boys.
By the way, this may be my last blog post ever, as I'm certain my adorably-plaid-pantsed husband will want to ensure I'm never able to post again after giving these images to the world.
I'm going to reassure him that women's hairstyles are much more volatile than men's trousers, and that I already have years of embarrassing images under my belt (although none as bad as my little sister's George Washington hairstyle in the mid-eighties). He'll just need to start his own blog (and heavily sedate me) should he ever want those to see the light of day.


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