Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Really? This is what you choose to focus on?

Today I had the singular pleasure of participating in an e-mail exchange with a client who has, apparently, no concept of what is really important in the world.

She had sent a general e-mail inquiry in through the Web site, attaching an article from an industry publication from three years ago and asking if we were going to start carrying mineral make-up. After checking with our purchaser, I responded that, as a matter of fact, we had just started carrying mineral foundation in our house brand.

She immediately replied, wanting to know why we haven't bothered to promote this to her, and asking about our house brand, "What is that? A generic brand? I'll just stick with the name brand I know and trust.").

Ever the ambassador for our business, I kindly replied with an apology for not promoting it sooner (in the midst of promoting the other 496 things we have going on, because, apparently, I should know what's important to this one particular client and focus only on that) and explaining our house brand, which is most definitely not generic, thankyouverymuch. I also threw in a nice statement about how glad I was that she had found make-up that really works for her, as it can be so difficult to find something you like.

She actually wrote back again to say, "I guess you didn't read the article I attached. I just feel that your spa is missing the boat."

That's when I gave up, because had I written back, it wouldn't have been nice.

"I mean, seriously? This is what you're going to spend your day e-mailing about? The economy is in shambles, people are losing jobs left and right, and you're upset that you can't get the make-up brand you like at the day spa you frequent? You're shelling out forty bucks for a tube of mascara and you have such worries in life. Get some priorities, woman!"

I guess we should revisit our entire product lineup and revamp everything we've worked so hard to promote, because we need to make life more convenient for this one particular client.

And I started today in such a good mood...


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