Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I'm spiraring down into mid-term hell

We had a conference call tonight with our professor, where we were put at ease over several homework problems and the pending mid-term. I must say that I'm damn tired of shelling out hundreds of dollars for graduate level text books and finding errors in them. "Oh, they forgot to update the answer key when they updated the edition. So sorry. Hey, look at that! Turns out you did it right after all. Wish you had some hair left. Tough luck, eh?" Um, yeah. How the hell am I supposed to learn when it appears that the authors are pulling numbers out of thin air for the answers?

He also assured us that the class gets much easier after the mid-term, to which I say "thank gawd," given that the mid-term is two parts of 6 hours each. A 12-hour mid-term? Really? He did say that the six hours each is just to ensure we'll have enough time to complete each part, since it's timed and all. The first part should take only (only) a couple hours, but for the second we should allot a good four hours.

Sigh. There are so many other (fun)(photography-related) things I could be doing during that time. I knew grad school was going to be tough, but I greatly misunderestimated the time commitment. Live and learn, eh? At the close of this term our first year will be over!

After finishing up some studying, we hit the darkroom for some r&r before bed. M is working on programming for Christmas, and I'm surfing. I'm looking around "my" room and I see M and his few items (laptop, Management Accounting book...wait...WTF is that doing in here?! Only creative things allowed!) and then I see Zozer's deposits.

She's really taken a liking to this room. Maybe it's the granite-gray walls, maybe it's the artsy vibe, or maybe it's that we've created great memories already in this one room. Anyway, she's definitely established a presence here: easel, drawing table, coloring books, three different kinds of crayons, colored pencils, a string of "pearls" she likes to wear, and a few items from her kitchen. Oh, and her Pooh-mobile has been parked for a few days next to my desk.

She's got a stack of drawings on her table that are adorable. She's been focusing on "spirars," or spirals. Some are single-handed, most are double-fisted. Some are monochrome, most aren't. She once watched me take a single sheet of paper from the printer feeder tray and that's all it took for her to know where to go. After that stack was gone, she asked me for more. Unfortunately, I didn't learn my lesson the first time and let her see the giant stack of copy paper stored on a shelf under the printer, so now she just helps herself. It's okay...I'm not one to stand in the way of artistic endeavor.

I'm tired and it's time for bed. Tomorrow is another day!

*Special props to those who spotted the Bushism in this post. Whatever shall we do with a literate president the next four years?!


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