Thursday, November 20, 2008

One down, one to go


Part 1 of the mid-term is over! Typed, checked, edited and submitted. The prof warned us that we were likely to do well on this part, and find it relatively easy. He wasn't kidding.

He also warned us that the second part was apt to make our stomachs turn and be incredibly disheartening, to say the least. Always lovely when that's conveyed. Given that he's been right so far in his predictions, I've already started developing my ulcer for the second section. We're taking that tomorrow night, just in time to ruin the weekend.

Meanwhile, my head cold is making a valiant effort to return to full force. It went into remission for Michelle and Ryan's wedding, for which I'm eternally grateful, but it's back now, rearing it's snotty, sneezy, itchy head. It's hard to steadily type your mid-term essay answers when you've got to keep stopping to mop up your nose. Or sneeze for the bazillionth time. M finally gave up on the "bless you's."

I think it's harder to beat a head cold when you've got a little snotball in your care whom you love to hold and kiss on. My dad recently developed a head cold of his own, and he attributes it fully to "too many smoochies." Smoochies is what Zozer calls kisses.

It's only 10 p.m. now, which leaves me some time to relax and do some photo stuff (which, at this point, given how tired I am, will amount only to surfing on before turning in for the night. At this point, I'll take photography in any form.

Anybody else notice how freakin' cold it got today? Brrrrr. Extra blankets for the bed, which is callin' my name as I type. G'night!

P.S. To Margaret...I love love love your hair! Where'd you get it done?! ;-)


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