Thursday, November 13, 2008

I heart Daniel Craig

M and I, we're not what you'd call Movie People. We don't typically see the need to blow a bunch of money to watch a movie when we can rent one for a buck and pause for potty breaks and the like. Plus, my couch is way more comfortable than a movie theater seat.

We've seen a handful of movies in the theater in our married life, scattered across the genres. We've seen a Star Trek flick or two, some Harrison Ford thriller for which we had free passes, a Sarah Jessica Parker chick-flick on a double-date night that was pretty trite and predictable but had a few laughs, and most recently Sex and the City, to which I dragged M on a date night because we had some time off and by the grace of God it was still in a theater close to home and I really, really wanted to see it.

Given our daily schedule of Zozer, work, Zozer, homework, sleep (with food tossed in a few times a day for fun), we don't watch much TV any more and I couldn't even tell you what's playing or who's starring. We recently drove by a theater and I didn't recognize a single movie listed on the marquee.


I've heard rumblings on the 'net that the new Bond flick, Quantum of Solace, is out tomorrow. I scan the news a few times a day for my "smoke breaks" and there it was. A picture of my newest crush. Craig. Daniel Craig. (swoon)

A few months back (who knows how long ago...I've lost all track of time since we started school, so this story could actually date back to last year some time), one of M's work buddies and his wife came over for pizza and a movie. He, a huge Bond fan, brought Casino Royale (then the latest installment) with The New Bond, as I called him then because I couldn't be bothered with learning his name.

Now, I'm what you'd call a watered-down Bond fan. I love the movies, and if I had a spare few hundred bucks laying around I'd like to own them all. On Blu-Ray DVD, no less, since we now have the kick-ass set-up. Do I know all the titles and who starred in which? Not really. I mean, I know most of the titles (Goldfinger, Moonraker, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, etc.). I know a lot of the theme songs (Duran Duran's View To a Kill being my favorite, of course, mainly due to a decades-long crush on frontman Simon Lebon). I know that Connery was a better Bond than Moore, but Moore was no slacker, either. I know a lot of the female leads' names (what's not to love about Pussy Galore and Honey Ryder, Domino Derval and Octopussy?), and I know that I'd dig driving an Aston Martin but only if it could be tricked out Q-style so I could get rid of the idiot drivers on Manchester during rush hour.

For years, though, there was no argument about who was the best Bond. Sean Connery was It. He was The Man. Rugged, snarky, athletic, smooth. While others could play Bond well (Moore, Dalton, Brosnan) no one quite got it like Connery.

Anyway, when M's buddy brought over the new Bond movie with this Daniel Craig dude, I was nonplussed. Little to no expectations because, in my mind, there would never be another Bond as good as Connery. Besides, this wanker was blond, for Pete's sake. I don't even like blonds. Not my gig, baby.

Yeah. He had me halfway through the first chase scene.

I now stand corrected, and I think (gasp!) that Daniel Craig could be "the" Bond even more than Connery.

So, here's my dilemma. With our not being Movie People, how do I convince M that we should go see Quantum of Solace in the theater? Oh, nevermind. He's a guy, and all guys totally love Bond (he's manly man, after all, no matter who plays him), and besides, there'll be some girl for him to oogle. (Jinx had him when she came out of the water in a white bikini. Pussy Galore had him as soon as he heard her name.)

See? It's truly a win-win for everyone!


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