Sunday, July 27, 2008

Only .5 of the Final left!

M and I just spent the last 4.5+ hours working on the take-home portion of our final. It's done and submitted, for better or worse. Now, all we have left is the 4-hour timed on-line exam, which is T/F and multiple-guess. I'm desperately hoping it doesn't take all of the four hours, because I'm really ready to be done. As is M.

Because we're finishing up early, we'll have nearly 3 weeks of class-free bliss. That means no reading, no homework, no discussion forum, no quizzes, no mid-term, no final. It means that we can come home from work and have a beer with dinner if we want. It means we can plan a Date Night (which I have, already, thankyouverymuch...we're going to dinner and a movie). It means we might make it to bed before midnight. It means our dining room table will be free of textbooks, laptops, calculators, scrap paper, highlighters, mechanical pencils, mousepads, paperclips and laptop chargers.

In a nutshell, it means a temporary return to how life was before we started taking classes. Methinks we must have had way too much spare time back then. We watched too much television or something. I do miss my marathon DVD nights with the casts of The West Wing (the best show ever) and Sex and the City (the second best show ever), though. I'm attempting to make up for it by dragging M to see SATC The Movie during our break (see Dinner and a Movie Date Night referenced above. He's thrilled at the prospect, as you can imagine).

I'm so looking forward to this time between classes that I think if the on-line portion of the final was available already, I'd bang it out just to be done. Well, I could wait six more minutes for it (it goes live at 12:01 a.m.), but dang it, I'm ready for bed. The last half of the final will have to wait until tomorrow night. Prolly no post tomorrow, as lunch will be spent cramming for the test and then as soon as Zozer goes down for the night we'll quick-review and then log in and bang it out. Wish us luck!


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