Sunday, July 06, 2008

The week in review

Oh my gosh, what a week.

In a nutshell:
  1. Launched the new spa software at 2 of our 3 locations. Outcome: success (i.e. no major hiccups, and as my boss put it, "This went really well. People are still speaking to each other!")
  2. Got a nail in my tire the first day of conversion, having just picked up my software trainer. He changed it for me, only to discover my spare was virtually flat. The automatic pressure gauge at the service station nearby confirmed it: 14 PSI when I'm supposed to have 60. Oops. It's been a long time since I've gotten air anywhere, and was surprised by having to shell out 75 cents for it, and then that there was an automatic pressure gauge built in (which made it worth the 75 cents, as I tore the ZoeMobile apart and still couldn't find my tire gauge). Anyway, both tires are now fixed/inflated, so I'm good.
  3. Launched new web site. Outcome: success. (i.e. it didn't crash, everything old still works and everything new actually works, and clients have been raving about it)
  4. Launched new client rewards program. Outcome: success. (again with the client raves)
  5. Launched on-line booking for the first time ever. Outcome: over 10 appointments booked so far, and we're not even a week into it yet. Clients must call to register first, so I figure over 10 in 7 days is a decent start.
  6. Took the on-line portion of my mid-term. Aced it. Even though I finished it at 2:30 a.m. on the Fourth of July. Happy freakin' Independence Day.
  7. Came to the conclusion that my instructor, Nigel, has got to be British, as he assigned reading, homework and a two-part mid-term over the week of Fourth of July. Doesn't matter, Nige. We cleaned your clocks way back in the day. Go America! (Now get the hell out of Northern Ireland, please.)
  8. Completed and submitted the take-home portion of my mid-term. Still awaiting outcome.
  9. Saw a large contingent of out-of-towner relatives. Drank beer. Drank more beer. Laughed. Played whiffle ball (only striking out once, thank you very much). Swam. Terrorized my child by putting her in a pool. Again.
  10. Cleaned out a large portion of my storage room.
  11. Celebrated the pending nuptials of Dave and Meghan (see you in two weeks, darlings!).
  12. Saw another pair of trucksticles, but these were even more special in that I saw them at night, and they lit up. No kidding. Can you believe it? I only believe it because I saw 'em with my own two eyes. And made M confirm what I was seeing.
  13. Started reading Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility. Because apparently I don't have enough to do.
  14. Spent a day relaxing at Grammy and Papa's. Except for the few scary moments right after Zoe fell into the deep end and M and I about killed each other trying to get to her for the rescue. He won. Dude, did you have to jump on my head to get there? No damage done, and Zo spent the rest of the day bragging that she went swimming. By herself. Under the water. "That wasn't so bad!"
  15. Got into a fight with M over the loudness of my typing. That just happened tonight. I think he's a bit sensitive because I'm creaming him this term. He missed one on the mid-term, after all.
  16. I got promoted at work. I'm now Vice President, Marketing and Business Development. That makes me happy.

I go back to the doc tomorrow, about my wrist. The wrist cyst is gone, but the pain continues, so we'll see what he says. I was supposed to go back in the middle of conversion but put it off til tomorrow, so I took it upon myself to say, "Self, that there bump is gone, so you don't have to wear the stupid flipping wrist immobilizer-from-hell over this here holiday weekend." Probably not the smartest decision, but I did it anyway.

This week ought to be better with the posting. I hope.


Anonymous Tifferz said...

Hey Am, don't leave us for that long again, my day doesn't fell complete :) Congrats on the promotion and the website looks spectacular!

1:56 PM  

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