Thursday, July 24, 2008

The difference between M and me

Taking a break from studying tonight, I perused the local paper's web site. Which is where I learned the news that former Cardinal centerfielder (current Cub...blech) Jim Edmonds got married at the Clayton courthouse yesterday. No big fanfare...the groom wore jeans and the bride wore what is probably a baseball-size diamond. She probably wore clothes, too, I'm guessing, but the reporter felt the need only to report that her ring is rather large.

This, of course, is news for those of who have had girly crushes on Jimmy from his first days as a Redbird. And vindication for all the times I've argued with men (Garrin) who insist that Edmonds is gay. Dude, he's not gay. You're just intimidated by a guy who is an awesome baseball player, makes a boatload of money, dresses nattily (although not on his wedding day, apparently), and is a major hottie.

Anyway, so, this being news, I relayed it to M.

His reaction? "Isn't he with the Cubs? Why isn't he playing?"

Which is so not what is important about this story. What is important is that Jimmy is now married, which means he's officially off the market, which is sorta depressing for us females. I mean, yeah, I'm married too, which means I've been off the market myself for quite some time, but still. Jimmy Sans Wife is much more attractive than Jimmy With Wife. It's part of the allure. The whole "I'm not tied down" thing combined with the perma-scruff gave him a bad-boy image that is appealing, to say the least.

I was going to try to explain this to M, when he continued on, "Seriously. Are they not playing? Shouldn't he be with the team?" I could tell his mind was cranking on it. Working through the dynamics of major league scheduling and who starts what game and what it might take to get a day off from the team to travel to a different city (the city of the enemy now, no less) to do something as mundane as getting hitched.

So, I sighed, didn't bother to explain and instead logged on here. Where I know that many of my dear readers will sympathize with me. And one will probably email me that producing a child and getting married (yes, Jimmy did it in that order...part of that bad boy persona I guess) is still not proof enough that he's not gay.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"James Patrick Edmonds and Allison Jayne Raski, both of Creve Coeur, were couple No. 11 of the 25 who got married Wednesday at the St. Louis County Courthouse in Clayton.

Edmonds, now a Chicago Cub, was better known to Cardinals fans for whom he patrolled center field at Busch Stadium for eight years as Jim Edmonds or "Jimmy Ballgame.''

Edmonds, 38, and Raski, 28, tied the knot in the chambers of Judge Michael T. Jamison, who wished the newlyweds good luck after performing the brief ceremony.

The bride wore a T-shirt, jeans and tennis shoes. The groom wore a white leather, strapless, organza A-line gown with crystal beaded and embroidered flowers on the train and princess-line bodice, and lace, cap sleeves with crystal beading. His bouquet consisted of white roses, blue delphiniums, baby's breath, and ivy, tied with a sheer periwinkle ribbon.

After the mid-afternoon wedding, the couple headed for Edmonds' restaurant on Locust Street, F15teen, for an "awkward reception," said Jamison's bailiff, Frank Kelly."

After reading this, I'm still on the fence.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

M, dude, it's called the All-Star break! Those players that don't win the MLB popularity contest (that, by the way, determines home field advantage for the World Series) get a couple days off. Some go to the beach, some lounge at home, others go to Clayton and get married apparently! Besides, shouldn't you be fixing the oven door or something? ;-)

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