Thursday, July 10, 2008


Our esthetics trainer is training today (hence her title of esthetics trainer), so I was put on her schedule for "something." I went in not knowing what on earth she was going to do to me.

Normally I'm her test client for the Redness Therapy Facial, because of my slight rosacea. It's a great facial for my skin, but because it's supposed to diminish redness and all, it's all done with cool/cold products, very little massage, and no steam. You know, all the really great parts of a facial.

She told me she found someone else to take the Redness Therapy spot, though, so I was in for a surprise.

I got me the Youthbuilder Facial, which is this:
Suitable for anyone concerned with minimizing and protecting against the visible signs of aging; excellent for mature, dry, dehydrated skin. Immerse yourself in this luxurious four-layer treatment that includes European seaweed and a mineral-rich thermal mask that warms and tones, leaving the skin visibly smoother and younger looking. A painless way to turn back the hands of time and improve the radiance, appearance and texture of the skin.

Ooooooo. If you think reading it sounds great, you should try getting one. Fan-freakin-tastic.

(Not that I have mature, dry, dehydrated skin. That's in there for our older -read: richer - clients who really do need to worry about turning back the hands of time, not really for young 35-year-old whippersnappers such as myself who have beautiful skin, dahling, except for the slight case of rosacea.)

The mask was wonderful, and I admit I fell asleep during it. At one point I think I snored. But no one else was in there, so I think I'm okay. How anyone is expected to go back to work and be productive after that is beyond me. I've sorta been doinking around with little tasks, finishing up this and that, trying to maintain my facial buzz.

So here I sit, without a stitch of make-up on, slogging away. I hate putting make-up on after a facial. You've just gotten your skin all nice and clean and fresh, and then you slather foundation on it? No, thank you.

On officemate (a particularly bitchy one, apparently) told me a bit ago that I should really go and put on make-up. I told her something that I can't repeat here, being as this is a family-friendly blog and all.

So my tip of the day is this: get a facial. Good stuff, Maynard.


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