Friday, June 27, 2008

Flag. Tank. Bomb. Fail.

We took our quiz last night, and OMG, it was bad. It was so bad I was ready to throw something, anything, just to relieve the frustration. It was so bad that my overall class grade dropped four freakin' percentage points. It was so bad that I need a new word for "flunk."

Looking back over the answers, we decided that we're collectively a giant dumbass. We missed the same questions, although had different answers for one of them, which I guess is good, if we're going to miss any of them, in that it's proof that we don't cheat.

One of the questions though, had an answer that was so sublimely ridiculous that we both e-mailed our instructor to question it. If I had only known the phrase, "I reject the premise of the question!" in my undergrad years, things might have been a lot different.

Our quiz reaction styles were a bit off last night...we had a role reversal of sorts. Normally I take one look at the quiz and devolve into sheer panic, verging on hyperventilating while gasping, "I...can'" Not so last night. M blew his gasket 15 minutes into the 2-hour quiz while I remained calm and blissfully ignorant of the fact that I was going down in flames. I watched my husband melt down before my eyes during the quiz, which was not fun. He watched his wife melt down before his eyes after the quiz, when she got her grade and was no longer blisfully ignorant, which I'm sure was not fun for him.

I haven't cried over a grade in years. Of course, I haven't tanked a quiz in years, either. Ahhhh, takes me back to my Rolla days when I was deluding myself into thinking I could be an engineer. Especially that last semester when my mid-term GPA was .8. Not 3.8 or even 2.8. Nope. A big, fat, whopping zero.8. Let's just say that wasn't one I proudly phoned home. "Memories...misty watercolor memories...of the way...we weeeeere..."

Wait, I take that back. I did cry over a grade recently, when we got 0/100 because we had the wrong friggin' textbook. That was a bad night. This poor grade, though, was solely our own fault. We were just downright stoopid.

We finally settled down and, at midnight, began slogging through the next chapter in the text. Because, you know, midnight is a great time to start studying. I'm really failing to see how being able to calculate the current value of a stock given it's required rate of return, risk-free market rate, last year's dividend, expected growth rate and beta is ever going to help me run a day spa, but here I am. Actually, it's a good thing I won't need that to run a spa, because according to last night's quiz, I still don't know how to do it.

Went to sleep sometime after midnight after realizing that I had fallen asleep reading the text and woke up to the news this morning that the Pin Oak Levee in Winfield, Missouri, fell at around 5:30. 100 homes in danger of flooding; entire town is being evacuated.

Sorta puts things in perspective, doesn't? Stupid quiz.

My day was considerably brightened with the news that our archbishop has been promoted right out of St. Louis. I heard it on NPR as I was getting ready for work and called M with the update. He said, "You're doing a little happy dance right now, aren't you?" Why yes, yes I am.

Things are definitely looking up. My home is dry, the archbishop is packing for Rome, and at least the quiz is over for the week.


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