Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Whodunnit? Me. I dunnit all. On Tuesday.

I'm being a very neglectful blogger these days, and I don't mean to's just the circumstances.

Few things going on:
  1. Taking my remaining two spas live with new software Tuesday.
  2. Launching my new (spa) web site Tuesday.
  3. Introducing on-line booking on the new site Tuesday.
  4. Rolling out a new spa rewards program Tuesday. (Tuesday is a big day for me. Wednesday I'll either be happily relieved or desperately trying to re-assemble the wreckage that was my spa's technology base.)
  5. School, which next week involves not only the usual reading, homework, discussion and quiz, but also the mid-term. Grrrrr. Thanks for scheduling that all at once, Nigel. (Nigel is my prof, whom most students call "Professor" but whom I'm so tempted to call "Nige.")
  6. Dealing with this insanely stupid wrist immobilizer. Like the boot, I'm learning to work around it, and the cyst has indeed gone down so I suppose it's working, but still. I am getting quite proficient at mousing left-handed, I must say.
Yesterday was my Circle of Women luncheon that benefitted the YWCA's St. Louis Regional Sexual Assault Center. It was really lovely, and for such a good cause. Many, many thanks to the special women who attended with me. My first year as a Table Captain was a success! Thanks to all of you, my table raised $1,050 for the Center!

Anyway, it's been a crazy few days, and only promises to get worse with the pending launches, but I did want to log in and let you know that yes, I'm still alive. We worked our arses off the last couple nights, though, and got our reading, homework and discussion done early, so I'm taking tonight to read an old Agatha Christie mystery novel. It's nice to read something that is pure brain candy. I'm not learning anything, or contemplating anything, or relating anything to this or that. I'm just reading and enjoying, and trying to figure out just what happened to Mr. and Mrs. Ravenscroft before Hercule Poirot does. Bliss.

Although I'm about ready to hurl something at M, as he's in full-on Christmas planning mode so here we are, nearing July, and Christmas carols are floating up out of his laptop and across the table. I love it when people say in late October, "Can you believe Christmas stuff is out already? It gets earlier every year!" You people have no idea. At my house, it's all Christmas, all the time.

Dammit. Now I've got Carol of the Bells stuck in my head.


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