Wednesday, July 23, 2008


It's been a crazy couple of weeks. And crazy by my standards is darn near clinically insane by anyone else's.

Lessee. Oh, well, for one, we got the disturbing news that the tranny is going out on the ZoeMobile. It seems to have developed a slow leak, so our hope is that we can gimp it through the remaining two years of grad school before it finally conks out. We're looking at preschools for Zozer, too, right now, so it seems that tuition (A) + tuition (M) + tuition (Z) most definitely does NOT = New Car. And I didn't even need to complete my finance course to figure that one out.

It feels like eons ago that M and I were scrounging around under the floormats of our cars to find enough change to eat at Taco Bell. That was the first round of college. My hope then was that my car would last through school so I could get a decent job and buy something new. Funny how even though things change, some things stay the same.

So, due to this unforseen slight blip in the expectations of what my car can safely do, we caught a ride up to Cinci on Friday with Mom and Dad Z. (Thank you for allowing last-minute passengers!) The trip was for Dave and Meghan's wedding (congratulations!), and we managed to cram as much possible into the trip, as our family is wont to do. We went swimming, ate at Skyline Chili, spent a day at Kings Island, and celebrated nuptials. We toured the newlywed's home, and had brunch at the bride's parents' house. We even did the traditional Z family dinner (party of 352! do you have a round table, by any chance?!).

The wedding was the whole reason we went up there, of course, and so we celebrated that in style. And by "in style" I mean "inebriated," closing down first the reception and then the bar where the after-party was held. M and I were pleased that we could revert once again back to our college days (the news that my car is now a "beater" that we have to gimp through school helped put us in the right frame of mind, I think).

Few things we learned this weekend: Clare must have food after drinking, Paul will pee literally anywhere, an ice sculpture can be re-carved in what seems like minutes flat, Meghan wins the prize for the most-detail-oriented-yet-perfectly-relaxed-bride that I've ever seen, Dave regularly sings "Sweet Caroline" at karaoke, Alison and the baybays are the most awesome sober drivers in the world, Dad Z. could really use a GPS device, Margaret is the best person to ride roller coasters with (or near), Shelly is the best person to road trip with (she brings food and beverages), and M has redeemed himself by riding Top Gun and not hurling. Although I think the jokes about the original episode will continue for years to come.

We returned yesterday and now it's back to the grind, which isn't so bad, really. We spent the majority of tonight doing homework (fun), after playing with Zozer and eating dinner. While vacation is definitely fun, I think it feels really good to get back into our normal routine, too.

Which won't last long, since next week is not only finals week (during which our asshat instructor also assigned homework) but also the much-anticipated wedding of Tiffany and Doug. Got my dancin' shoes last week and picked up my b'maid dress tonight on the way home from work...I'm already set to party again!

After, of course, I complete my homework, quiz, and two-part final.



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