Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Grumpy McGrumperson

After all the excitement of last week, this week practically feels like a downer. I go to work. I play with Zozer. I study. I eat. I sleep. Bo-ring.

It's not helping that I'm grumpy today. Not sure why. Just feel like being a curmudgeonly grouch. I've taken to snarling at people as they walk through the door. This usually gets them to leave, but there are a few clueless ones (the most annoying ones, natch) who just keep on comin'. Grrrrrrr.

This is one of those days when I really wish I had a Star Trek phaser. I'd set it to stun, mind you, because I'm not about inflicting any permanent damage. I am, after all, a benignly benevolent phaser firer. I'd just leave it out on my desk and use it when the twits walk through the door, and before you know it there would be a pile right there in the hall, and then the other twits would see the pile and know that I'm not in a mood to be trifled with and wouldn't dare enter to begin with. It would save us all a lot of time and aggravation.

I made an on-line appointment today to take the ZoeMobile in. It needs an oil change before our upcoming road trip to Ohio. So I'm filling out the checklist on the dealer's site, and it's like, "Oh, yeah, the tires do need to be rotated: check. And the brakes have been squealing for awhile: check. And there's been God-awful noises coming from the rear of the car any time I go over a bump, which means shocks or struts or whatever the hell it is back there: check."

By the time I got done checking all the boxes and filling in the "additional information" box, I felt like the next step was pushing a button marked, "Submit your beater car information now."

I don't particularly want a car payment right now (or ever, really), and I really do love my little car, but man do I hate shelling out money on a car that's almost 10 years old. Even though I know it's routine maintenance and it'll run forever (which is depressing, as you get sick of looking at it well before it ever croaks on its own), I still don't like pouring cash into something that is old.

So maybe that's why I'm grouchy. Or maybe it's the thought that next Wednesday I'll be without the car while it's being repaired, which as we all know sends me right over the edge.

No one ever said I was rational.


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