Wednesday, October 18, 2006

News...some good, some not

It's a rather dreary day out there...perfect for a forgotten roast. Only, I can't make a forgotten roast because the bottom heating element on the oven broke last week and we've forgotten to fix it. Oh, the irony!

I nailed down my marketing-for-lipodissolve deal with the good doctor yesterday, which means that I will not have to pay to subject myself to excruciating pain...yay! Now that I'm a week and a day out, and no longer in pain, I can easily say, "Oh, it wasn't so bad...yeah, I'll do it again." I've been promised that the first treatment is by far the worst, and that they get better each time (less fat to target, I suppose). The before and after pix I've seen are amazing, so here's hoping that mine will be just as remarkable.

On deadline for several things today, but nothing too nail-biter so it should be a nice day, topped off by watching the Cards kick some Mets booty tonight. I'm kinda dragging from staying up last night to watch the game, so I really hope they clinch it tonight so I don't have to stay up again. And for that whole World Series thing. That too.

M informed me today that if (when) we win the pennant and move on to the World Series, that we could feasibly be winning said WS on our wedding anniversary. Thought it was a good idea all those years ago to plan our wedding date around the annivesary of when we started dating, but now I realize that it was incredibly stupid because it'll always be during WS season AND Christmas Lighting Crunch Time, both of which rank supremely higher than the anniversary of when we joined together in holy matrimony. Two words for you, Husband: sushi dinner.

No updates on Zozo...she's doing just great like she always does. We've started this little routine at night where we get her ready for bed, and then she gets kisses from some of her stuffed animals before she goes down. If Daddy is running the show, she gets one kiss from one animal. He's all about restraint, which is probably why he will never need lipodissolve. If Mommy is on hand, she gets kisses from multiple stuffed animals, apparently because Mommy is all about excess when it comes to good things. Well, it was just Mommy and Zozo last night, so it was a kiss bonanza. Only now Zozo has taken over and she points to the specific stuff animal from whom she wants a kiss. Mind of her own at 13+ months. One of her favorites is Mac the Beanie cardinal. I think it's tied to the playoffs, but it could be entirely coincidental.

In other news, Steffi is still searching for names for her two new cats. She has a list going, and they are so funny that I'm going to post them here:

1. Flotsam & Jetsam
2. Dolly & Llama
3. Bryce & Denali
4. Teton & Ranier
5. Elena & Bonatti
6. Macchu & Pichu

I, of course, had many smart alec things to say about them...we'll see how she responds.

Prayer Request: Please keep M's Uncle Mark in your thoughts. While on a fall folliage sight-seeing trip in Canada, he developed very bad back pain. He and Aunt Chris came back into the U.S. and went to a hospital in New York, where an MRI revealed a herniated disk. However, they are concerned that a herniated disk would not be causing the leg pain he's also feeling, so they're running a bunch more tests. He's now running a fever and they're keeping him sedated, and there are talks of family members going to see him. I'll keep you posted, but please send good vibes and prayers his way and to Aunt Chris and our cousins.

Update on Uncle Cloyd: well, it's obvious prayers work because he got word yesterday that after five chemo treatments all the lymph nodes that tested positive for cancer are now testing negative. He still has seven more treatments to go, but it's nice to know the remainder is just sorta like a safety net. Thanks to everyone for all your thoughts, prayers and kind words.


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