Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Tachi and Max: Bonnie and Clyde

Rather a rough night with my lipo'd hips. I wouldn't call them "dissolved" yet, as they are quite gigantic and very jiggly. Even more jiggly than they usually are, which is downright scary. I'd call them wobbly bits ala Bridget Jones, but they are much larger than just bits.

I'm wrapped in my compression thingy again (that was fun to put on myself after my shower), and finally in to work. I slept in a bit, as my night was fitful and interrupted quite a few times by not only the searing pain in my hips but also Max sitting right outside the bedroom door crying as loud as he could. The first time, I got up and locked him in the hall bath. Because of our broken house, quite a few doors do not latch, and so there was really no way to securely lock him in there, but at least he was on the wrong side of the door and would have to spend hours trying to figure out how to open it towards himself. Or so I thought.

Within seconds he was back at our door, yelling and crying. Again, I got up (and getting up directly after you've been lipo'd is not an easy task) and locked him in the bathroom. Bam. He was right back. So I locked him in a third time, then stood down the hall and watched. As soon as I walked away, Tachi walked over and pushed the door open with her paw, thereby letting Max out quickly and easily. Little bitch. They both got locked in then. Took 'em awhile, but they finally got out and Max went back to crying. This time M got up and locked them in. I was pretty sure he had just thrown them both outside because I didn't hear from them again, but at that point I didn't care. Sleep was a necessity. Turns out he just threatened to tie their tails together and withhold food for a day or something like that.

Ahh, the joys of being a pet owner. I'm sorry...a companion guardian.

So anyway, I look relatively normal thanks to the compression wrap, which allows me to still fit into my work pants, and I'm walking okay, so if you didn't know that I had been punctured 120 times yesterday, you'd have no idea that at this very moment, I'm dissolving my fat away.


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