Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Congratulations to Steffi for the addition of two kitties to her home! Yay! Names are still being decided (the shelter-inflicted names of "Kim" and "Mama Rose" have got to go, we decided). Being that she's a big baseball fan and a huge Cardinals fan, I threw out Albert Purrjols and Yadier Meowlina, but she didn't go for it. Not sure why, really, as those are kick-ass cat names and quite creative. After she got done laughing, she simply said, "No." and then we moved on. Alright then.

Steffi is also a huge fan of our national park system, so she had tentatively chosen "Bryce" and "Zion," after her two favorite parks. She decided Zion was too biblical (my comment, "Yeah, why don't you just name her Job and torment the hell out of her?), but Bryce is quite cool and is probably sticking.

Then she told me how one of the cats is a bargain basement beauty, a clearance kitty so to speak. The shelter was running a special that if you bought one cat, you got a discount on another. Her friend Kimmy suggested Clearance Clarence, which is great, but a bit mouthy. I suggested Bogo, for Buy One Get One. Last I heard Steffi was liking that. Bryce and Bogo. We'll wait and see what she decides. I'm still holding out for Albie Purrjols and Yadi Meowlina.


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