Tuesday, October 10, 2006


I am a human pincushion.

I got my lipo dissolve today. Or, should I say, lipo dissolve got me. Ho-ly cow. They (the good doctor and his nurse) used about 12 syringes on me love handles, and each one was injected about 10 times. You do the math. Essentially, there's a whole lot of holes in my hippies.

It's already starting to swell, which is normal (and good! means it's workin'!), and is all red and poofy. I look sorta like I have welts. Well, that's what I can see. Most of it is covered by a compression wrap.

I felt fine during the treatment, even with them both going at me at once. Both sides at the same time: pow pow pow pow! It means it got over quickly, but was a little weird to experience. It hurts less than a bee sting. No, I take that back. It hurts like about 120 bee stings.

After the treatment I got a bit light headed and was made to lie down in the Oasis Room for awhile. I got me some TLC, a bottle of H2O and a soft blankie and I was just fine. Chris came back in a bit later to check on me and said that it was good that I had color in my face again.

So now I'm just kinda sore, and feel like my hips are about a mile wide, even though to look at me you can't even really tell anything was done yet (thank you compression wrap!). Like I wasn't aware of my wide hips before...now I'm painfully aware of them! They should keep swelling for a couple days, then start to go down. I'm to wear the wrap for three days. No Advil or anti-inflammatories...the process works by inflammation, so I'd be defeating the purpose to take something like that.

All in all, it's not a very pleasant experience, but tolerable, and I won't be averse to doing it again, especially if it works. Should be able to get all four hip treatments done before Beanie's wedding, so that's good.


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