Thursday, October 12, 2006

Mmmmm. Cannoli.

I'm doing better today, although last night was yet another sleepless night. This time, though, I managed to drag M into my misery and cause him to get no sleep as well. Misery loves company is a stupid saying, because I'd have much rather him gotten some sleep if I couldn't.

I no longer feel like a human pincushion, but have progressed to feeling like a giant cannoli because of this stupid compression wrap. I know it's important, and I do feel much better while it's on, but damn. I feel like I'm squirting out of both ends. It does make my tummy appear flat, though, which is never a bad thing.

Not a whole lot of anything else going on. Just work as usual. Waiting for our NLCS games to start, since the first one last night was postponed until tonight. I do have some great shots Beanie took of JoJo on his first field trip...but blogger is having a major brain fart and won't let me post any images. Grrrrrr. I'll try again later.


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