Thursday, October 12, 2006

Zozo rocks

The bad thing about having hips that hurt, is that you start to walk funny to compensate, and before you know it, your back is all out of whack and you're hobbling down the hall at work with your rear sticking out and your knees bowing out and colleagues are laughing at you. Then you come home and just as you're getting over it, and feeling better, you decide to go to the grocery store. Pretty sure all the folks at Shop 'n Save think I'm a total freak now, but I don't mind. Most of them are freaks, too.

Zozo had her PAT evaluation tonight, and she's doing just fine. Our evaluator, Mrs. Kay, sorta decided to throw out the checklist of fine motor skills evaluation. If you go by that, Zoe isn't doing very well. If you go by sheer observation and some other tests that Mrs. Kay had, she's a rock star. We'll go by the latter. She's doing just fine with everything, and we've got some new ideas of things to "play" with her. The PAT program is just fantastic, and I'm so glad it's offered to us and to all parents.

Max is up to his usual clingy self right now. He's standing on me while I type. Cards are on (no score, bottom of the third). We've had our t-ravs appetizer and the pizza is in the oven. Zozo is down for the night, and I can't get through on Beano's line because it's busy.'s now an hour or so later. I got through to Beano, we ate dinner, and I got ready for bed. And it's no longer zeros with the game. Dammit. We're losing, two nothing. I'm going to go crash on the couch next to the Hub and see if I can't get a back scratch or something while we're watching.


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