Monday, October 16, 2006

Plan the work, work the plan

Sometimes things just don't go as planned, no matter how organized you are. In those situations, the only thing you can do is be thankful for what did go right, and for those people who stepped up and helped make the best of the situation.

Thank you to Grammy for pinch-hitting last night, taking one for the team and watching Zozo the night after she got back from vacation so we could go to the ballgame. We so appreciate what you did for have no idea how much! Sounds like you both had a good time, which is wonderful. It's just as important for Zozo to have GrammyTime as it is for Grammy to have ZozoTime. By the way, Grammy, it sure is great to have you back from your trip!

Obviously, whatever the Cardinals planned last night didn't happen, as I'm pretty sure they didn't go out there counting on getting punked 12-5. Despite the poor game, I still had fun hanging out with my hubby and keeping score. Although it's usually better to draw more diamonds in our boxes than in theirs. So, I'm thankful that the rain held off, that it's the middle of a best-of-seven series, and that it's raining today and the game tonight might get rained out which will give our bullpen a much-needed break. I'm also thankful to M for making my night just lovely even though our team got hammered. I had a blast with you, SweetPea...thanks!

Today I came in to messages from my GM about an event over the weekend that I had planned that didn't go well. Grrrrr. Seems that my contact at the fashion show either didn't listen to what I told her, or simply forgot to relate it to her models. So I'm thankful for my kick-ass staff here at the spa that adjusted and made it all happen anyway. And that they did it without calling me in a panic.

Two people I love very much and care about deeply are going through something pretty hard today. I will not elaborate (so don't e-mail me and ask who they are or what's going on), as it's an intensely private and personal situation, but I do ask that you say a little prayer for them and just wish them the best.


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