Friday, October 06, 2006

Morphine and Lipo mm good

Woooo hoooooo! The Cards are on fire! Sha-zam! Good to know they can pull it out in the post-season after having a crappy regular few weeks of the regular season.

So. Exciting news today. Yours truly has won a lipo dissolve treatment from her spa. Yes, yes. This means that I can kiss my hips good-bye. Or my thighs. Or my stomach. Hmmmm. How will I choose which area?! Well, I'm thinking about the last time I lost weight (thank you Weight Watchers), and how I got the thighs and stomach trimmed down okay, but the hips, well, they're a tenacious duo, and won't go without a fight. Your time has come, hips. Prepare to be dissolved. Resistance is futile.

Actually, I only get one treatment, and I'm not sure how much good that will do, so I have to weigh my options as far as continuing. It's not inexpensive, but I do get my hefty employee discount, so we will see.

We're going to the game tomorrow, and hopefully there will be no game on Sunday (sorry Dad and Judy...I know you have tix for Sunday, but it would be great if we didn't have to play then!). Thank you to Dad and Judy for watching The Zo tomorrow. You guys will have fun!

Grammy and Papa are off on their cruise adventure, and I received a telephone message from GG this morning stating that they called from Atlanta, and both of them forgot their cell phones. So much for checking in on them while they're gone!

Well, we had our staff meeting this morning and I presented, and I didn't get all freaky, so that last little thing must've just been a burp in my presentation circuitry.

Meeting my friend/ex-boss Jimmy for lunch today. We're going to Tom's, which is a great little pub/bar & grill place that has a killer buffalo chicken sandwich. I had many of those when preggers with The Bug, and this'll be my first trip back since I had her. Delicious! Am going that way anyway to drop off a gift basket we're donating to the Our Little Haven Chic Boutique fundraiser.

M's head cold/sinus infection/allergy flare-up (we're still not quite sure what it is, exactly) seems to be waning. He got a good night's sleep (as did I, in the guest bedroom) and seems to be rebounding okay. He's taken himself off the OTC cold meds, as he'd rather suffer the full-blown symptoms than battle the fog of medicine-head. He doesn't do well under the influence of any medicine, come to think of it.

The worst was right before he had his appendix removed this past February. They put him on a morphine drip to ease the pain, and he didn't like it at all. Said that he didn't feel "in control" of himself. I would hate that, control freak that I am, so I totally understand why he felt uncomfortable. The funny part came, though, after he got back from one of his tests. I can't remember what kind of scan they were doing, but they were still ruling out all kinds of other issues before declaring appendicitis. He had been on the morphine for awhile when they wheeled him out the door for the tests. They wheeled him back in after the tests and he looked pretty drugged up. I asked how the test went, and he looked at me (well, in my general direction as he seemed to be having trouble focusing) and said, "Oh, it was fine. I wasn't expecting the enema though." Just like that. Just rolled off his tongue. This cracked me up because I know if he hadn't been all doped up on morphine they'd have had to tie him down and beat him senseless to get anywhere near that area. And he'd have been a raving lunatic after. Ahh, the wonders of morphine.

When Cloyd was on morphine while they were doing all his tests for his cancer diagnosis, he saw a little naked man at the foot of his bed, showing him how to shower.

This tells me that morphine is some powerful shit.
Maybe lipo dissolve is just as powerful. I hope so.


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