Thursday, October 19, 2006

I think it's you-had-to-be-there funny

Stopped at Starbucks this excuse being that we are out of milk at home and a mocha, being mostly skim, is a great way to get my daily allotment of dairy...and saw something really funny. Not sure if it's ha-ha funny or you-had-to-be-there funny, but I'll post it anyway.

As I'm waiting for my mocha, a guy comes walking toward me holding two of those flimsy cardboard drink holders that usually tips right as you're getting in the car, and they are chock full of drinks (some cold, some hot). I shoot him a grin because I'm thinking, "Man, your colleagues are lucky, and I don't know if you're extra kind or just stupid," and he responds with a sheepish look as he starts to back carefully out the door. That's when I spot his buddy, right behind him, also carrying two flimsy cardboard drink holders chock full of drinks. As they maneuver gingerly out the door, the second guy says to the first, "Let's never do this again!" I had a good laugh watching them plan out setting the drinks down on the floorboard and climbing into the seat around them. "Okay, I'm gonna set this here, then you get in, then I'll hand the next one to you...don't forget the two left on the roof!" It had a touch of sweetness to it because they got into a four-door sedan with shades suction-cupped to the back windows. Before I even saw the car seat strapped in back I thought, "Awwww, he's a daddy!" And I thought of my own baby's daddy, who, without hesitation, would do the same thing for people he likes: go to Starbucks and purchase an insanely large order and juggle it all the way back.

Not much else to report. Cards stunk it up last night. Well, they didn't really stink so much as they didn't play up to their potential, which is worse I think. As the game concluded, I finished reading Buzz Bissinger's "Three Nights in August," which is a baseball book about Tony La Russa's management and told over a three-game series against the Cubs (ptooey!) in late August a couple years ago. Fantastic book. Phenomenal read, even for someone not all cuckoo over baseball like my darling husband. I highly recommend it. Warning: you'll cry during the part about Darryl Kile's death. Heartbreaking.

Congratulations to Beano for getting a perfect score on her book report! Wooo hooooo! You go, girl! It's kinda fun being a nerd, isn't it? Good luck with your interview with a Lutheran. Hope it's nothing like an interview with a vampire. I'm sure it won't be, but as a Catholic, I can always hope.


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