Monday, September 25, 2006

Who was the walrus, really?

Wow...Darvocet is some really powerful stuff.

I am the eggman, he is eggman, I am the walrus, goo goo ga joo.

I did my speech today, and while the content was good the delivery sucked. I got nervous, which hasn't happened in months, and therefore I sucked it up big time. I blame the pills.

Here's my speech, which is, apparently, better received in written form rather than verbal:

Thank you to Peggy, Mitch, Chris, and my fellow classmates and coworkers, for giving me your time, energy, feedback and tools.

What I’ve learned through this class is that I now have resources to not only do my job better, but live a better life overall. I have a toolkit, if you will (hold up toolkit), to be a better person.

This is my toolbox that I made in 6th grade shop class. Yes, that’s right, in addition to marketing our day spa, I can also rivet sheet metal.

When I told Peggy I was going to use props today, she looked puzzled and asked, “In two minutes? Aren’t your speeches supposed to be two minutes?” Yes, “Doer,” I can use props in less than two minutes.

Let’s see what I have in here now.


  • My trusty The Customer Pocket Guide. Very handy.
  • My Feedback cards, which tell me that I need to continue working on:
  • Listening (hold up iPod ear buds)
  • Making you feel important (hold up blue ribbon that says "First Place")
  • Some tools to work better with other behavior styles, including:
  • Calculator, so I can go in front of my Doers with the bottom line
  • Palm Pilot, so I’m totally organized for my Controllers
  • Employee Handbook, so I know I’m workin’ the process for my Supporters
  • And for the Talkers, well, I’ll just bring my big mouth. As a talker, it’s practically impossible for me to not relate to other talkers. Just ask Chris, the Queen Talker. Or my Supporter/Controller husband, whom I talk to death nearly every night.

All these new tools, and others I learned in The Customer, will help me be a better Marketing Director for The Face & The Body (hold up business card), a better mother to my daughter (hold up Zozo pic), and a better wife to my husband (hold up M pic).

I have learned that I can choose to take responsibility for my success and prosperity (hold up small sign), and that when I do so, amazing things can happen.

Perhaps the biggest thing I’ve learned these past 8 weeks is that you all have your own toolkits, with your own resources, and now that I can see that, I have even more respect and admiration for each and every one of you. Congratulations to everyone here, and thank you, again, for sharing so much of yourselves with me.


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