Friday, September 22, 2006

Hamster Dance

Do you ever keep going and going and going, and even though you're productive and contributing and everything seems to be running just feel like it's never enough?

This morning, after getting myself ready for work, and Zozo ready to go to her grandma's for the day, I emptied the dishwasher, sorted the laundry and threw a load in, fed/watered the cats, took more recycling up to church, came back home and put the pack 'n play in the trunk to be sure we wouldn't forget it tonight, loaded a dead computer into my car to take back to work, and stopped by the dry cleaners on the way to work to take in M's dress shirt for his business trip next week. M made our lunches, helped get Zozo ready to go, discovered that the computer is dead, then took Zozo over to her grandma's. We both ran around like idiots this morning. Then we went to work.

And yet, I feel like there is so much we didn't get done, that it doesn't really matter what we did get done.

For instance:
1. The litter boxes need to be cleaned. Again. Which is a direct result of the aforementioned feeding/watering the kitties. I guess this is all part of being a pet owner, oh, I'm sorry, I meant "companion guardian."

2. I need to get Zoe's bag together for her overnight stay with Grandma and Grandpa. Food, jammies, bibs, know. The usual.

3. There are still two loads of laundry that need to get done before M flies out at 7:15 Sunday morning, and we have plans tonight, tomorrow morning (Garage Sale at Beanie's: 5 a.m. through probably 2 or 3), and dinner plans at 6:30 tomorrow night. Which means I have to cram laundry in here and there, in between coming home and leaving again. Plus, I still haven't gotten the laundry put away from the last two weeks. It's sitting downstairs, piled in the laundry basket two feet over the top, folded, mind you, but not put away. It's now so large that I cannot carry it upstairs myself, and must ask M to do it, which of course only adds to his also ever-growing list of things to do.

4. I have to remember to stop and pick up M's shirt from the dry cleaners today after 5. If I forget, we can get it tomorrow, in between the garage sale and dinner, while trying to spend time with our daughter who thinks Mommy and Daddy are insane because all they ever do is run around.

5. I still don't have the hall closet cleaned out, which means we're in danger of being overrun by plastic bags from Target, Shop 'n Save, Home Depot and all the other places we shop. I swear we don't buy that much, so I can't figure out why they are multiplying like rabbits in there.

6. Beans is making us an awesome chili dinner tonight for our little garage sale pricing party, and I can't figure out what to offer to bring. Mainly because I don't have time to make anything and M has a complete fit when I suggest purchasing something already made. He's very Martha Stewart like that. This comes, I presume, from being one helluva cook. Which I am not.

7. The house needs to be vacuumed. Again. Even though I just vacuumed Wednesday night. See aforementioned "companions."

You know, this whole being-a-grown-up thing isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Even Billie Joe Armstrong and his Green Day pals couldn't cheer me up on the way in. Should've just gone to Starbucks.

I'm a hamster on a wheel these days.


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